Oct 23, 2015

Allentown's Pawlowski Girl

When Louie Belletieri ran in the 2005 Democratic primary against Pawlowski, he was supported by his fellow business person at 12th and Chew, Candida Affa. When Pawlowski won the primary, Candida switched her loyalty to him, and has never looked back. Pawlowski, in turn, has rewarded her devotion with numerous appointments, and she has never failed to support the company policy. This year she was recruited to run for City Council, and supported by the Pawlowski PAC, until political manager Mike Fleck disappeared, in the Pawlowski-Gate scandal. While other candidates are trying to distance themselves from Pawlowski, Candida doubles down. "What the mayor needs now is more support..." It's unclear to me if it's blind loyalty, or she may be oblivious of current events. I believe that in all the years of pushing Pawlowski agendas, she has only attended one council meeting. She personifies what's wrong with Allentown politics.


Anonymous said...

In order to get the best exit deal possible, it's absolutely critical that Mayor Pawlowski have the maximum number of totally loyal and compliment City Council members as possible.
Attendance at City Council meetings is entirely optional.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she has an adult child who really needs a city job?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pawlowski's pension will be a issue when he is finally forced to exit.
He need cronies on City Council now more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Affa brings a loyal constituency.
In Allentown it's always about politics, never about good government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Well said, MM.

Rich Fegley said...

Affa's quotes in the latest Morning Call article prove that Affa will just be another "rubber stamper" for Pawlowski. I feel that the article also highlighted both Affa and Glazier much more than the other candidates.

This is all scripted by Pawlowski. He had his rubber-stampers saying the same things for years now on City Council.

"Affa, 72, formerly Candida Svirovsky, said she worried that the new contract oversight could make the city less efficient."

"Sometimes they pass these laws, but they're not always good," Affa said. "If something comes up and two of us like it, but two don't, then we'll have to table it … None of us has any idea what it's going to do."

Two and two. There are four people making decisions for the City?

Regarding the FBI...Affa said it's not council's job to investigate. "What [Mayor Pawlowski] deserves now is more support," Affa said. "He has a city to run."

More support? What kind of support should be be giving Mayor Pawlowski?

Glazier and Affa will just continue to allow Pawlowski to run the City in a way that attracts the attention of the FBI.

Please consider electing Lou Hershman, Shane Fillman and me, Rich Fegley to Allentown City Council. We don't owe the Mayor anything, we just want good government that represents the people of the City.

Are we going to see a BUDGET before November 1st, the deadline for the Mayor to submit a balanced budget?

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for any Pawlowski supported candidates and urge voters to do the same with the three Pawlowski school board candidates that are on the November ballot, Thiel, Martinez, and Mathison.

Scott Armstrong

Robert Trotner said...

Vote for write ins Rich Fegley and Shane Fillman fir council and Republican Steven Ramos for controller. This Affa idiocy is the last thing we need in Allentown.
Canvassers will be passing out campaign literature shortly if they have not been by already. This is serious campaign. The future of Allentown depends on it. Those who would continue to drag Allentown into the gutter must be decisively repudiated.