Sep 2, 2015

Truth, Justice and the American Way Can Offend In Allentown

I got into an argument with one of my readers yesterday, on the Deleted By Pawlowski post. Seems that he's a cyclist who insists that Lehigh Parkway hasn't lost users, despite it's primary entrance off South Jefferson Street being closed. In the heat of the debate, I mentioned spandex and helmets; He was offended. Over the years I cultivated many new readers. Back, before he probably knew of this site, I opposed the Trail Network Plan, which was to link the parks together with a bike path. My objection was based on priorities. I felt that the park department should first be taking care of it's existing infrastructure, such as the WPA structures, and the Fountain Park Pool. It was at that time I started writing that the park director had to do more than think about the spandex crowd. Well, three parks directors later, the WPA entrance wall at Lehigh Parkway has collapsed, and I offend my reader by referring to spandex and helmets. Also since then, a second new park director told city council that the Basin Street parcel purchased from Atiyeh, was needed to link the parks together, parks that he hadn't even seen yet. Recently, the third new park director, told the press that she knows nothing about that plan. So, my offended reader, now you know the history of my spandex slur. While $1.5 million dollars was spend, justified by something nobody remembers, not one dollar has been spent on the WPA, or the pools. Anyway, back to my disgruntled reader. I also explained that I produce this blog to fill an ever increasing void in local truth, available to people interested in things beyond the available A-Treat flavors. In the course of this endeavor, I will unfortunately offend some people.


Marc Grammes said...

Mike,your knowledge of the park system is phenominal. I would love to see parks linked together but before that happens I agree that every effort should be to preserve and enhance what we have..before it is lost. I would have had you on my team in a new york minute trying to find ways to rebuild and restore. People will find a way to get from one place to another..grants and funding should be directed towards improving, maintaining and refurbishing our existing parks. Perhaps the city has more on its plate than it can handle. Perhaps they need to get together with the Trexler Trustst and name an advisory board and form an entity which would oversee the parks. Is there a non profit which could raise money? Come to Slatington..I would enjoy sharing some thoughts with you!

michael molovinsky said...

marc, i'd had you on my team, also. as you may know, a large portion of the allentown park budget does come from the trexler trust, but, unfortunately, access to them is very political, as are their decisions. despite my knowledge, vs. the city council's ignorance, they even resist advise. by coincidence, tonight is a park and recreation committee meeting. if i thought that they would consider anything beyond rubber stamping pawlowski administration recommendations, even now with the scandal, i would attend.

Anonymous said...

The Home Rule Hush Law is in fully enforced in counsil chambers as even the administrations auditors cannot and will not comprehend the numbers¿!($

Hey, Hell at least the circus is conveneing as a passing through diversionary illussionist tool of this democratical malfunctional meltdown continues epicentral¿!($

patent pending

Anonymous said...

Speaking of truth:

It's being reported that Lights in the Parkway is being canceled because of "ongoing wall repair" work.

You think the reporter would have asked exactly what has been started to be able to call any work "ongoing", or ask what masonry work is expected to be accomplished in the cold of the holiday season.

Or is that too much to ask?

michael molovinsky said...

a supposedly detailed comment on the mayor, atiyeh and the fbi probe will not appear. although as blog owner, i may speculate, i don't host anonymous comments, purporting to crime and punishment.

Rich Fegley said...

The report on the pools tonight was so vague. Where are the documents with written reports about each pool and the plan for that pool's upgrades or repairs. No plan. No timelines. Nothing.

NO ONE KNOWS this information at the City Council meetings yet they must vote without being properly informed.

The Parks department is asking for approval to spend millions of dollars and they never give City Council a plan to review. We were given sketches of a water spray park, nothing else at all.

Council asked questions about the other pools and the administration said that they did their job and investigated all possibilities for all pools and this is what they came up with. Fran Dougherty seemed a little pissed off that everyone was asking about the plans for the other pools.

They don't seem to have a plan that they can share with City Council and the Citizens of Allentown.

No real plan for pools.

No real plan for parking either. We are told that we have to trust the Mayor and his administration.

michael molovinsky said...

rich@11:37, i considered attending the park committee meeting last night. i had recently offered city council, twice, to be a liaison for the people to the park department. i made one offer in person at a council meeting, and another here, on this blog. in both cases my offer was not acknowledged, much less accepted.

LVCI said...

Rich Fegley said... "The report on the pools tonight was so vague. Where are the documents with written reports about each pool and the plan for that pool's upgrades or repairs. No plan. No timelines. Nothing."

Rich I just did a post about a $80,00 April 2012 study Allentown paid for. I'm not sure it still applies but the study said it would cost 4x's more then what's being reported for the Cedar Beach pool . So yes they did a study.. but who knows.. maybe they don't want people to remember it?

Anonymous said...

It is possible that the cost estimate for Cedar Pool is lower than the previous study because the previous study proposed to completely relocate it, which would need a new bathhouse and new parking. It appears that the latest plan would reuse much of the existing facilities, including the existing bathhouse.

By the way, Cedar Pool was leaking throughout last summer.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fegley
that would be like trusting the serpent and its imps¿!($ Than again the traveling circus with the shell trix games allways payoff¿ !($

Visited the Parkway wall collapse today and took some pictures for the found democratical administrations destruction and neglect to anything not having to do with the palumpadome downtown¿!($

patent pending