Sep 18, 2015

A Fib and A Truth In Allentown

In a recent piece, Bill Kitten White explained that although the paper may have fibbed once or twice about Mayor Pawlowski, they are telling the truth about the NIZ, and it's wonderful. As if on cue, today's paper states that the Reillyville restaurants are preparing for the 10,000 Men Unity Conference at PPL Center on Saturday. After getting past the headline, and reading the article, Shula's better hold off on ordering more steaks, but perhaps Chickie's and Pete's might need a few more hot dogs, but I doubt even that. We find out that 3,000 tickets have been distributed, but the organizers are hopeful that more men attend. It's intent is to encourage men to fulfill their obligations, in regard to family and children. As if the restaurant bull wasn't enough, the article explains that a number of rooms at the new Renaissance Hotel have been set aside. Since they go for about $200 a night, those men would be better off saving that money for their children. Did I forget to mention that Ed Pawlowski is going to the event. He said that "It's important to take a step back from all the distractions in our lives...". Wonder what's distracting him?

ADDENDUM: Bill White's piece does NOT concede any fibbing about Pawlowski,  and defends it's coverage of the NIZ. It does take molovinsky and Ramblings to task, (but not by name) for our  criticism of the Morning Call coverage. Although White claims that the paper broke numerous stories, he omits the fact that his paper has never given attribution to this blog, for the stories broken here.  I found  White's version of the paper's coverage so distorted, I must have hallucinated that he admitted fibbing.

ADDENDUM 2: At the carnival, when you spin sugar fast enough, it becomes cotton candy. Likewise, when the paper indulges in spinning an event, especially to an absurd degree,  (such as this Unity event,)  it does become a fib.

UPDATE: Bill White deleted my comment off his mcall article,  criticizing him for not mentioning this blog by name.  Furthermore,  today(September 20th), a year late, the Morning Call finally gets around to reporting that the Allentown Arena was the most expensive arena ever built.


DreamingOfJustice said...

If the Renaissance rooms are $200 / night, that is cheap for a Marriott property, especially a high end one. Renaissance Hotels are typically $250++ in other mid size cities. Wonder how many reservations the Holiday Inn has booked?

Jamie Kelton said...

Much ado over very little.

Anonymous said...

Hotels get what the market will bear. Marriott put the "Renaissance" tag on the Allentown property in the hopes of what might come. In time it will most like have a name change to Marriott Section 8!

Anonymous said...

Sad joke.

Anonymous said...

Organizers are good people, but have been close to Ed for years as he first tried to and largely succeeded in building a key constituency among evangelicals...with some exceptions.

ironpigpen said...

With all due respect, it was I who, well over two years ago, "broke the story" that the Pawlowski Palace of Sport was THE most expensive minor league ice hockey rink ever built :

"Bill White's Unguarded Palace Of Sport, Part 1"
Feb 22, 2003

I can absolutely assure you that almost all people in the City Without (Spending?) Limits really just don't care, to be quite honest about the situation.

DreamingOfJustice said..., now now..The Morning-Know-It-All emerges from it's self-induced coma to note that 1) the financial sky is falling on the taxpayers of Pennsylvania on behalf of this ill conceived pink elephant that has bisected numerous ethnic streets; 2) On the same day, the columnist for this said paper CENSORS you-one of the people who called attention to this very issue.

I just think this is funny. Like weird funny. Or even ironically funny. Or stupid funny.

Funny business.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Molovinsky,

Just what the hell is an "ethnic street"?

And, are there signs to alert me exactly which "ethnic street" I happen to be on?

Or what?


Col. Viktor Tikhonov
Soviet Red Army (ret)