Aug 7, 2015

The Republican Hairstylist

I thought that Marco Rubio did very well last night, but he looks so young.  He should dye his hair gray like I do, to look older (I do it to look more distinguished). Trump, of course. could also use some hair advise. I thought it was unfair of Fox News to not let Huckabee hold his guitar. Maybe some of them should have been able to hold a rifle.  Bush, they should have butched up with some dried blood, a scar and maybe a bandage over his knuckles. Christie should have worn a white Colonel Sanders Suit, and went with a Boss Hogg approach.  Carson needs some anger in his voice, or maybe a prescription induced twitch.  The others blended into the stage curtain.

ADDENDUM: A couple of weeks ago,  I thought that Hillary was a shoo-in.   The Democrats, because of so many Republican candidates, were talking about the clown car.   I have since changed my mind.  Even MSNBC could talk about nothing this morning but the Republican debate.  The large field will dominate the news for many months to come,  and that is the name of the game.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch it. Enjoy listening to and reading the reviews of it however. I did see one of Luntz's group express surprise that Trump cam off as obnoxious and mean.Where has he been? I do enjoy many aspects of the "Donald" but I thought he was out of place last night and appeared very presidential.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

I am most disappointed that FOX tried to knock out Trump with a quick, first punch. News media these days are absolutely sickening. That was a disgusting cannon shot at only one person. Those weren't moderators, they were warriors. Shameful.

There is no question Trump was short on specifics with his answers. He will need to work on that, or fade away. But, when you're not a slick, greasy, professional politician, you'll stumble early on. Hit the books, Donald!

Fred Windish

michael molovinsky said...

fred@8:46, i agree that trump seems to have been the target of an agenda. in that regard, they went overboard, and only discredited themselves.

Anonymous said...

Fox News has no agenda.
They report, you decide.

michael molovinsky said...

i erred in accepting the comment at 9:38am. since then, i have received several partisan comments about one party or another, or one network or another, even bill clinton. none of them will appear. although your informed comments, which will accent the debate are welcome, i'm not interested in your general political persuasions.