Aug 24, 2015

The Morning Call Express

While The Morning Call has thrown Pawlowski under the bus, it continues to puff for the NIZ. A recent article on how the zone is benefiting the surrounding neighborhood was just more smoke coming out of that puff engine. Needless to say, they quote Alan Jennings, their go to person for most articles. Alan's organization has the franchise on community benefit, and of course, therefore, thinks that some good has rained on the local peons. The bureaucracy even produced a webpage, Upside Allentown, complete with pictures of smiling intercity children. In truth, the quality of their life has diminished. They now pay double to park, because of the Arena Excuse. Their former shopping center on Hamilton Street was demolished for that monstrosity, and if real success ever come to the district, they will be gentrified away. Meanwhile, former Mayor For Life is getting run over every time he tries to stand up. How flat can they get Pawlowski? While I no longer contribute letters to the paper,  I do see my ideas from this blog metamorpihize into long articles in the paper. For instance, they now acknowledge that the arena sits there empty, night after night. However, they will never admit that it was just a public pretense for the Reilly City Center Real Estate Empire.


Concerned Allentonian said...

I had a look at the Upside Allentown website just now. Nice pics, nice fades from one page to another. I'm sure a lot of effort went into its creation with a lot of effort on presentation.

Looking at it, i get the feeling I'm looking at a pig with lipstick put on it. It's public relations running wild. I wonder who is paying for it?

Sorry, not impressed by what I see. What I see in the City of Allentown is the reality. Not a website with an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jenning offered a clear and bold vision in his courageous defense of Allentown taxpayers.
The arena HAS to offer more events!!!

Jennings piercing insight and the MCalls willingness to print his unequaled advocacy represent a bright moment in an otherwise dismal news cycle.

I for one have the renewed energy and lifted spirit to meet yet another week of life's challages in The Miricle That Is Alllentown.
I'm truly humbled.

Anonymous said...

Now that everyone has had some time to assess the cost/benefit analysis of the NIZ plan, the proponents, as expected, have entered a new phase. From this point forward, we will hear how successful all this is, BEYOND just cost. The amount of dollars extracted from taxpayers statewide is not important, after all. This was a 'quality of life improvement.' Can't put a tag on that.

No doubt, the NIZ has done some positive things for Allentown and its residents. That will continue. But, this was never about money, and the proponents knew this all along, don't you know? They have enriched us in more 'important' ways.

Our attention is being redirected.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

One only need stroll thru the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the NIZ to fully appreciate the positive effects on the local residents. The 7/11 at 7th. & Linden is an excellent location to begin such a fact finding junket.
Have fun.
Bring quarters.
The meters must be feed.

michael molovinsky said...

@10:04, it's a charming place indeed. i'm sure that the new residents of reilly's upscale strata lofts will enjoy shopping there, especially late at night.

Anonymous said...

All one has to do is stand at the 7-11 and look at the 1895 Hotel and the Strata Lofts to see the two Allentowns.

Not the city I grew up in, sorry.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:04
Just remember, no singing.

Anonymous said...

That Seven Eleven is well on the way to gentrification with the young creative class flocking to Center City in droves.
It's a bull market, no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Where are the thounds of jobs and millions of dollars supposedly pumped into the Allentown economy? Where are all of these jobs and who's benefited from the millions $$$? The moronic call posted such nonsense from an interview with Reilly.

Anonymous said...


One might think the paper would learn from its mistake and write a real story about the NIZ's effect on the surrounding neighborhoods instead of another puff piece. They are fooling no one and continue to diminish their already tattered image.
By the way, poverty continues to climb in the city.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Alot of banks were able to contribute to this upside allentown. While any organization trying to bring positive changes to their neighborhood is commendable, do any of these banks have local branches in Easton? It would seem that many articles claim Jennings just can't get these organizations to gather such benefits of funding to certain areas of the lehigh valley but so much can be donated to the NIZ neighborhood. If I lived in Easton I would be very upset by how many programs have been left to just dwindle out. Then I would do some research on just how long it has been that CACLV has shifted it's focus primarily to the NIZ zone. It's going to be a long cold winter. Maybe he can advocate using the arena to house the many who are going to be looking for shelter.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Mr. Fegley and his Brew Works is happy. At least he gets 40 hockey games and a few mudder events whose attendees might enjoy a burger and brew. But I feel for those poor suckers who were convinced to open 'upscale' restaurants to serve a half dozen concert events a year. Can't sell 'upscale' to hockey fans, especially since it is mostly the same few thousand for every game.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda at its best.... INITIATIVES and BRANDING do not a renaissance make...

- Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

"the same few thousand for every game"

Comrade Molovinsky,

I must formally file a protest against the spread of such obvious disinformation.

The Lehigh Valley Phantoms averaged 8,163 spectators per game in an arena (albeit phenomenally expensive) that has an official capacity for 8,500 people.

In other words, like it or not, the often maligned "hockey crowd" certainly have been doing their part to assist with Pawlowski's Great Transformation. If not so many people appear to have any money to eat at those "upscale" places downtown, well, then maybe that is simply the Obama Economy in action for you. Or, maybe, the "wealthy" people out in the posh West End and in the lily white suburbs are just hoarding their money because they are evil, greedy slobs who simply refuse to contribute to the community.

If the public was lied to in that the magnificent Palace of Sport really is NOT going to be used for anything other than hockey games, the public can NOT take out their frustrations by continuing to trash talk hockey people. In fact, some hockey people were very upfront about the fact that government-financed sports stadiums do NOT stimulate local economies. The research of respected academicians like Smith College economics professor Andrew Zimbalist WAS made available to the public well before the Commonwealth decided to blow $ 177.1 million dollars --- but the public, as usual, fell for fancy songs and dances from a Democrat mayor who is now under investigation by the F.B.I. and a throng of obnoxious cheerleaders whose motives should now be scrutinized more carefully.

Again, if the Potemkin Village in the City Without (Spending?) Limits has failed to bring about the expected Utopia --- it is most unbecoming to blame that on hard-working, blue-collar hockey people, even if they do like beer and burgers (as compared to the overpriced squashed grapes and 'healthy choice' crapola that is served by those "upscale" establishments catering to the monied elite (who, almost needless to say, probably don't pay their fair share, just for the record).


Col. Viktor Tikhonov
Soviet Red Army (retired)