Aug 3, 2015

Smelling The Roses In Allentown

Last summer, I posted about the city purchasing two parcels supposedly for the park system, using funds from the water and sewage lease deal. The transactions interested me, because the last thing the park department needed was more area to not take care of. Although the main stream media never picked up on my revelation, a pit bull from Nazareth now has that bone. Although this blog chronicles the short comings of the park department, especially in regard to the WPA, there is one section, of one park, which receives no criticism.

Paul Pozzi started working for the department in 1979. In 1985, he joined the small crew at the Rose and Old Fashion Gardens. For the last decade, the gardens have been solely under his magnificent care. We who take solace in that magic place owe him a debt of gratitude.

photo by molovinsky, flowers by Paul Pozzi


Guy Williams said...

The rose garden is still a jewel but too bad the city tore down the green house at trexler park. In the past the greenhouse provided plant material to the parks. Had the city/county had the vision of Bucks county, with their greenhouse and partnership with votech and community college in upper bucks, could have provided the dual purpose of education and park plant maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Staggeringly beautiful.

Thanks for the reminder Mike.

The Banker