Aug 13, 2015

Sad Sack Voters

As an independent candidate last fall, I was often told by voters that they didn't want to waste their vote on somebody who they thought couldn't win; As if it were a game, and they were betting on it.  In reality, they were truly wasting their vote, on someone they knew would under-represent them. Although we talk about the poor choice of candidates, it's really poor choices by the voters who create the political field. On the national stage, we now have two independent types attracting the early attention. But, in both cases, there is a gimmick. Trump, nominally a Republican, is a well know showman. Sanders, really a left wing Democrat, posed for decades as an independent. He was only elected as an independent because of Vermont's unique character. In the political reality of America, you must be a celebrity to succeed as an independent. The last independent in the Pennsylvania State House was in the 1930's. Locally, party affiliation always seems to be the dogma that wins elections.

With the Mike Fleck controversy,  we here in the blogosphere receive many comments about making better choices in the voting booth. Although, there would be no down side to a change like that, I would be surprised to see the sentiment effect election results. Instead, the normal candidates will just incorporation the word change into their election speeches.


Anonymous said...

Love the Sad Sack graphic! One of my all-time favorite comics.

I can't think of a better time to change out our current group of politicians. As a collective, these political incumbents have failed us all. It's time to tear out and rebuild. That's what I'm promoting and planning to do next election.

The shock and awe campaign being waged by Donald Trump is having a positive effect. That is, it causes everyone to feel vulnerable and unsure if they've made the right choices. For me, those who made preservation of career their paramount concern must be let go. America, and our local community, deserves better.

Trump is really just being himself, and that's refreshing. Trump now represents change in Washington best. Brought on by this candidate, or another, a substantial revision in politics is my hope. Voters must begin paying greater attention to government at every level.

I encourage your readers to seriously question if local officeholders, and area representatives in Harrisburg and Washington are worth keeping in place. I think not. We HAVE to try a new grouping. A major replacement of representatives over the coming two elections is exactly what's needed. Make this your OWN shock and awe strategy. Send a real message. Do it now!

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

hi michael--just wanted to let you know that the mayor had nothing to do with the picks for county commissioner--actually he told muller not to ask me to run--he doesn't like me at all, mayor that is--he said that i was too outspoken on the school board--doesn't want to see me on the commissioner's board at all. have been running a grass roots effort since the debacle with fleck--i terminated my contract with him months before the fbi raid--didn't like him when i met him. hoping that you are well-i enjoy your blog and also saving the parks--i brought 160,000 to the east side when i was on the board to fix a dangerous situation at the midway manor playground and monies to the dieruff practice field when i walked the field with dennis pearson--just an update for you, jo

michael molovinsky said...

joanne, to be frank, i cannot get pass your support of bill villa. villa harasses many people, myself included. his harassment, in my opinion, should be deemed criminal. i'm occasionally sent a screen grab from his facebook page, where you "like" his aggressive comments. i suppose he will support you on his venues, but you will not get my support.