Aug 23, 2015

One Subject, Two Bloggers

Apparently, both Bernie O'Hare and I are posting on the same subject tomorrow.  Bernie's version will historically be viewable by midnight this evening,  while I put up my posts, while pre-heating the ovens in the family bakery,  around 4:00 AM.   Expect Bernie's piece to be longer, and mine,  of course, more insightful.


Bernie O'Hare said...

I'd respond to you slur on my writing, but I'm on my 53rd paragraph right now and it's just getting good.

michael molovinsky said...

yes bernie, your pieces get much more readable about 50 paragraphs in. i respect how you can make a point in less than 70,000 words. sorry if i used the wrong picture, i forgot you prefer your 2003 skinny version

Anonymous said...

I like your current look anyway, I think there are enough card carrying people painting themselfs as pastic dolls¿!($ Than as for MM his picture must be frm him in the 20's¿!($ MM you know envey and jelousy as well as vainity are pert of the eight deadly
that makes up most of those you put to print on your blog¿!($

patent pending