Aug 10, 2015

On Second Thought, Pawlowski Should Stay

Recently, I posted that Pawlowski's resignation was overdue.  I'm having serious second thoughts about that natural reaction to the alleged improprieties. Thinking back on the last council meeting, I realize that for the first time in a decade,  there is the possibility of a dynamic tension on the dais. With the strong mayor wounded, council might actually become the check and balance that they're supposed to be. The old mix seemed to be particularly toxic for Allentown;  A popular mayor endorsing council candidates for several elections. Only a month ago, King Pawlowski was now going to formally expand his picks to the school board and county commission. I suppose that in a more informed democracy we could have both, a good mayor and a working council, but let's be realistic. Here in political zombie land, both isn't coming our way. I'm thinking that maybe the best we can have is a nervous mayor and a nervous city council, they might actually do their job under those conditions.

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Anonymous said...

But....but ....I heard a new councilman and longtime APD officer say just last week, "I don't know why people think I was so close to the Mayor?"
I suspect we will be hearing from additional council members soon setting the record straight and reminding us how really independent they are.
Several of them are certainly independent enough to be mayor themselves no doubt.
........and think of their commitment and extensive experience.

Anonymous said...

I think we can have both - no Pawlowski and a new council that's a check and balance on the Mayor.

The knowledge that the FBI might be watching will keep people nervous.

Anonymous said...

There MUST be some strategy behind Pawlowski's reluctance to resign. Doesn't matter how good a Mayor he was, or how innocent he is, he's finished. It is naive to believe he can represent Allentown citizens, work with his administration, and other entities the same way he once did.

This reminds me of Allentown's negative street crime perception. Even if improved numbers are accurate and beyond fault, the gloomy impression will last a long time.
The Mayor needs to move on, so his city can move on.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Pity the boy Representatives, bullied into photo ops with His Lordship.
Those boys inhabit the creepiest of both worlds.
One wonders how they look at themselves in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Pawlo-Pawlo needs the $$$, it's his bread and butter.
He craves the status as well.
He actually may have really believed he was going to the U.S. Senate, or at least a cushy gig in a Hilary Clinton administration.
He's still in shock, reality will ultimately set in when indictments are handed down.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the "strategy" behind Pawlowski's reluctance to resign is all that difficult to figure out:

1) By staying in office, he thinks he can use that as a bargaining chip for a reduced sentence.

2) By staying in office, he can continue to intimidate City Hall employees into keeping quiet about anything they know by having them worry that he'll find cause to fire them.

3) By staying in office, he can push the limits on using City resources to his personal benefit (such as hiring outside legal counsel to supposedly advise on how to comply with an FBI investigation).

4) By staying in office, he keeps his team (like the solicitor) in place to run interference for him when possible.

5) By staying in office, he hopes to have an influence on who his successor is, instead of risking an outsider digging around at City Hall.

Unfortunately, this strategy will also bring the FBI down harder on him when they're ready.

Anonymous said...

@1:19 would appear to have laid out the strategy quite well.

Bill said...

We have a wounded Mayor who is cornered and a look the other way Council. I understand your perspective but see no evidence that our Council is acting on anything.