Aug 1, 2015

Morning Call Exclusive; Molovinsky Running For Mayor

SPECIAL FROM THE MORNING CALL: While the Sunday edition of the Morning Call will discuss the boring white bread on the horizon, such as Bennett, Guridy and Thiel, Wednesday's edition will feature Molovinsky's incredible plans. Moving back into Allentown, it is rumored that he has leased the former penthouse at the Americus Hotel. Below are excerpts from Wednesdays paper, where Molovinsky is interviewed by special assignment and former Call reporter, Naryl Derl.

Naryl Derl: Let me apologize for the shabby treatment I gave you back in 2005. 

Michael Molovinsky: Let's both move on, and save Allentown from the current scandal. 

Naryl Darl: Are you moving into the Americus?

Michael Molovinsky: Nothing has been signed yet, Reilly wants me in the new Strata lofts above Shula's. I told him I would only consider it if I pay full freight, but he can't understand that. I have declined a $20,000 campaign contribution from him, he can't understand that either.

Naryl Darl: What do you think differentiates you from the other candidates?

Michael Molovinsky: I'm honest.

Complete interview will appear in Wednesday's edition of The Morning Call.


Dreaming of Justice said...

I like it already! Your campaign slogan can be retro, too:


Unknown said...

Thiel gets the $$$$ money boys vote. He's a proven toad, AND the funny Jesus people love him.
Sam gets the guys who fall for the seductive touching routine, you can deny it, or you can refuse to let the comment stand, MN, but we all know it's true.
Julio gets the vote of all those who have no institutional memory, or who are just Bonasse stupid.
Julio gets the vote of those who have absolutely no institutional memory, or who are just Bonasse stupid.

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, Gotta' love the pic. Slogan - "You could do worse."

michael molovinsky said...

bernie@6:30, actually, from everybody mentioned in today's MC article, they will do worse, much worse. btw, the shirts are for sale at $399.00 each, shipping included.

Anonymous said...

Sam and Charlie are cut from the same clothe, both totally self consumed by personal political ambition and total phonies.Hate to write this, one should speak no evil of others(unless it serves as a warning in situations such as this). Julio is a nice guy but totally not up to the job, same for Ray.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

If you are serious, I will devote every free moment this fall to helping you but you can't pull out once you say you'll run and my only request is that you fire every single public works and parks employee and replace them with fresh people that have not been influenced by the current administration.

Dreaming of Justice said...

@ anonymous 10:15 am, Put your money where that comment is. About $50,000 will do!

You could have donated to MM's mayoral run in 2005, why didn't you?

michael molovinsky said...

justice @12:19, perhaps the anon didn't even know about me in 2005; it was before i started this blog, and the morning call reporter assigned to the election, daryl nerl, who i call in this post naryl derl, gave me very slant coverage. daryl was recently a hack for mike fleck, pawlowski's campaign manager, until fleck snuck out of town, disgraced by the fbi investigation. i didn't accept contributions in 2005, and i would not agree to fire every employee now, or any condition imposed for assistance or a contribution.

dick nepon said...

Can I not have a job? I promise to give no $$$$.

michael molovinsky said...

dick@3:19, no offense, but before you decided that you didn't care for pawlowski, you carried his briefcase around for him in 2005, and did end up working in city hall. also no offense, but i find liberal democrats to be such partisans, that i doubt that they can bring themselves to vote outside of the party. i even had a hard time even getting signatures from them to be on the ballot last fall as an independent state rep., despite that they didn't even know who the democratic candidate was.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay $399, but I would pay $30, or even $50, if the profits were to say, go to repair WPA structures in the park?

The only other shirt I'd pay more for is one with Pawlowkski's upcoming mugshot on it.

The Banker