Jul 27, 2015

Sam Bennett Killed At Donecker Mansion

Sam Bennett had pledged to chain herself to the fence at the Donecker Mansion, to save it from the plan by St.Lukes Hospital to demolish the structure. Heavy demolition equipment made short order of the building today. Although I haven't heard any news reports about Bennett's fate, I can only assume that Sam was killed early this morning, protecting the mansion. Update and funeral details will follow.


monkey momma said...


monkey momma said...

If only she could have fended off the bulldozers with her golden rakes!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Michael, I just got off the phone with God and you are definitely going to Hell. Construction workers did locate a few strands of blond hair.

Anonymous said...


You meant Sam's reputation, right?
She sure was stylin' and smilin' in front of that chain link fence!

You should have explained to her that nothing short of covert guerrilla warfare and drone strikes will prevent a demolition effort, when there is money to be made! And advocates are NOT supposed to smile, be pleasant, or otherwise look like they're on a vacation and stopping for a quickie photo op.


Anonymous said...

Exactly what was Bennett trying to prove.THis stuff went out in the 60's.Her launch of the Mayors campaign did not turn out well

Guy Williams said...

Must have been a slow news day or maybe writers block

michael molovinsky said...

guy @12:55, actually it was neither, i posted as usual, early yesterday morning. although admittedly dark humor, sam was the one to claim recently that she would chain herself to the fence, not me. actually, i thought the whole effort was misplaced. the mansion was private property, owned by st.lukes for 30 years. when i fought to successfully save the 1824 stone arch reading road bridge, owned by lehigh county, nobody joined me in the effort. last month the neglected WPA wall in lehigh parkway collapsed. there are enough publicly owned structures needing our protection from our own officials, without infringing on the private property rights of others.

guy is a supporter of ms. bennett's political life

ironpigpen said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

Sam Bennett talked the talk but clearly didn't walk the walk.

Just ANOTHER phony politician playing electoral games.

No wonder so many people are absolutely fed up with as well as completely disinterested in Government (at all levels) these days.


Rolf Oeler

Anonymous said...

When we speak of Sam it will be with a smile and the following: "But she had great hair."

DreamingOfJustice said...

Very photogenic for a suicide warrior princess!