Jul 5, 2015

Pawlowski's Comment On Probe

The banner on top of Sunday's Morning Call was as long as Pawlowski's actual comment.  Cornered last night at the fireworks show,  he said only "I'm focused on being mayor and celebrating the Fourth of July." Although we have no more information on the exact nature or subject of the investigation,  even Pawlowski's eleven word comment isn't exactly forthcoming.  He  actually is focused on getting out of Dodge, while running for U.S. Senate.  The other person most mentioned in the articles on the probe is Francis Dougherty,  Pawlowski's managing director.  This was a new position created by Pawlowski when first elected for 2006.  Little did Dougherty know that it would turn into Managing Disaster.


Anonymous said...

Today's headline "Allentown Mayor Pawlowski comments on FBI's City Hall Probe" was another insult to journalism. As you note, there was no comment on the probe at all.

I know it was a holiday, but shouldn't the "professional press" have tried to get a better answer and asked some follow up questions? If they did try, it's certainly not evident in the article. Maybe they were more focused on "celebrating the Fourth of July" with the Mayor. But the job is done, and anyone just following the headlines would think that Pawlowski is being quite open with the press. So it's "mission accomplished" for the newspaper, I suppose.

If those working at our local newspaper ever wonder why there are fewer people reading their product, they should re-read the articles on this subject that have been produced over the last few days. Not only can they not sniff out a problem that's developed right under their noses for the last ten YEARS, but they can't honestly report on what's going on either. I can hardly wait until Team Pawlowski cooks up their story and issues their press release, so that the newspaper can dutifully reprint it.

For now, I'm sure Pawlowski is sleeping well knowing that the Morning Cover-Up is working very hard, at least for him.

Anonymous said...

Some coincidence in Hizzoner's appearance and many outside saying "Man, this event has really gone to the dogs!"

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Managing Disaster.
A good one.

Monkey Momma said...

I, too, laughed at the tiny statement made by the mayor. But maybe he actually said more. The paper reads, "he echoed statements made by city solicitor Susan Ellis Wild, saying he was cooperating with a federal investigation but could not provide details." Then it has the "focused on being mayor" sentence. Maybe Pawlowski's comment was a bit more robust than what was quoted. If the paper is trying to help Hizzoner, it's doing a terrible job. I'm just glad Pawlowski was seen in public - that's much better than his duck and cover strategy he's used since Thursday.

Now I'm wondering why Pawlowski wanted to create the Managing Director position in the first place. Many questioned that move. This is just more wild speculation, but maybe he needed a Dougherty to fall on his sword when the time came.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@9:37, thank you for noting the "echoed" portion of the article, i inadvertently glossed over that. i was one of the people who questioned creating the managing director position back in 2006. previously, council had debated switching from a "strong mayor" system to a city manager, and rejected the concept. so, pawlowski's hire in 2006, actually meant that the mayor retained the power, but needn't do all the work. although i don't believe that pawlowski was looking for a future scapegoat, it does mark the beginning of city council approving pawlowski's add-ons to the executive branch of city government. it also apparently paper trained them to become rubber stamps, at which they have excelled.

Anonymous said...

Over the past few days I have recounted the rise of Mayor Ed Pawlowski. To start think back to the early 2000's. Former Mayor Heydt left office with the rise of crime, the mass exodus of businesses, an empty former department store, and our city falling into hell. Then Mayor Afflerbach was elected and took our city to another deeper level of hell. During that time a young redevelopment director left the city to remove himself from the Afflerbach administration.

This man was Edwin Pawlowski and everyone had the notion he was going to run for mayor. Come the 2006 Election Mayor Pawlowski squared off against former Mayor Heydt in a battle of the future verse the past. Pawlowski won and was suppose to be our figurative White Knight.

During that election you saw the increase of multiple well off families or organizations donate money to his campaign. At the time I would truly believe these persons thought that he was the right man for the job.

As the years went on and the city went stagnant with crime numbers slow increasing but not as bad as prior administrations, property values falling because of the economy and blight, and less hope in everyone's eyes about a rebirth of Allentown. He still received good campaign donations from two construction firms (One with a big giant "B" for a logo and one with a big giant Star). Oddly enough one is clearly stated on the City website for being a city contractor and the other is clearly know for there government work.

They we hit the early part of the new decade and a seemly nice increase in donations from local unions. Then for what ever reason a good portion of legislation got past in city council that required more restrictions on commercial, institutional, and industrial construction that benefited these donors.

Finally in our current era shows the rise of the NIZ and the rise of the NIZ developers. It is more the J.B. Reilly, Joseph Topper, Lee, Greg, and Erik Butz. It is new names and companies like Boyle Construction (Who is building a new parking deck behind the 500 block of Hamilton), Mark and Zak Jaindl (Jaindl Properties the first half of the Waterfront Development), their partners Ryan Dunn and Andrew Twigger (Dunn & Twigger the second half of the Waterfront Development), Bruce Loch (The proposed Allentown Tower of Babel) and if you really look hard enough you will see the increase in donations from other people benefitting from the NIZ like Jim Harbaugh a City Center Employee, Brian Regan the accountant for City Center and Butz, Sy Traub the leader of the ANIZDA Board, Art Swallow the surveying crew for Loch and the 33 story tower.

So what does all this mean? The first question is, Do you believe Ed Pawlowski is great mayor and that is why he is getting all these increased funds? If your answer is yes you are extremely naive. If your answer is no the the second and ultimate question is, How do we make these people play by the rules and not the rule of one man?

To Verify



Anonymous said...

It would seem that the'Winds of Fear' must be howling thru City Hall.I can assume any present or past city employees who had anything to do with contracts and bids must be extremly nervous.If The Mayor does take a leave of absense who grabs the power ? These should be a very interesting times for city government

Anonymous said...

I am an Allentown city resident and I support the Mayor and his efforts to change Allentown. I don't agree with everything he's done but feel he is trying to rejuvenate a failing city. So, until people know what or who is being investigated, we should give him the benefit of doubt.
Chris Glennon

Anonymous said...

Very astute post, 10:45 AM. Although what you describe is probably typical of most municipalities, such cozy relationships COULD have been keep more in check by a viable local media. Besides, the media itself would have grown more compelling, unlike where we are today. The Morning Call, in particular, is no longer seen as a credible source of information about certain subjects. It's sharp decline in circulation is evidence in part.

I am amused with all the reference to 'unjustified speculation.' Just what are taxpayers supposed to do? Their questions and concerns have gone unanswered for years. There's been an increasing amount of evasion and slant.

Citizens can speculate all they want. It's all they've got to work with!

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

We should give our Mayor the benefit of doubt.We also must admit to ourselves this Federal investigation did not come as a complete surprise out of the blue.

michael molovinsky said...

chris@12:14, both my posts about the investigation have assumed no wrongdoing. likewise, i have excluded comments which make allegations against specific people at city hall, including the mayor. however, the investigation is newsworthy, and measured comment are not inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

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