Jul 3, 2015

More Mowing In Allentown Parks

I'm sure that the new park director, Lindsay Taylor, was warned about me; The trouble making blogger, who complains about the riparian buffers and neglected WPA structures. However, in addition to my recent letter to the editor, several other letters have appeared, also complaining about the same issues. Truth be told, it offends many people, especially those who remember the parks from years ago. I'm pleased to report that I see a change for the better. The park department is trying a new policy, where sections of the stream banks are being kept rough cut every couple of weeks. Although the grass and growth is still a foot tall, park visitors at least now know that there is a stream there. I would encourage Ms. Taylor to go a step further, and finish cut certain areas, where families traditionally enjoyed the streams. These would include Robin Hood in Lehigh Parkway, and the picnic groves by both Cedar Beach and Honochick Drive. With two swimming pools closed, some grass along the park creeks is indeed in order.

Postcard of Robin Hood, circa 1950. When I was a boy, my father's uncle worked for the park department, mowing Lehigh Parkway.

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