Jun 10, 2015

Allentown Rubber Stamping Even Stuns Local Newspaper

Nobody has ever accused The Morning Call of being analytical about the NIZ. To the contrary, I've accused them of blind cheerleading and outright promotion in their articles about the Renaissance. However, even they found the recent Allentown Planning Commission meeting lacking in scrutiny. The meeting pertained to maintaining a warehouse on the waterfront parcel, to take advantage of the  cigarette tax loophole.
Planning commissioners asked developers almost no questions before unanimously approving the proposal, but Chairman Oldrich Foucek III questioned whether the operation, which would have one to two tractor trailer deliveries daily, would have any impact on the health and safety of the community.
Jaindl's attorney answered "No, it won't adversely effect anybody's health or safety, and here's a puppy biscuit for your good question."


Anonymous said...

my understanding of this waterfront deal was that the development was going to be a family fun destination¿ Was I understanding the perpatrated original plans as something other than this parcel is going to become¿

Boat docks, fishing and paths to bramble along the waterfront¿ Industrailization or industail wasteland and posioned ground doesn't have room for that whitch was originally depicted to the public¿

patent pending

Anonymous said...


That reporter will have to go or at least get retrained. The paper can't afford to have trouble makers like her on staff.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Like much of the other NIZ additions, if the imported wholesaler was already doing business within the state boundary, it's just another NEGATIVE for Pennsylvania taxpayers. One more pocket emptied to fill another.

State tax coffers are deep in debt because of the NIZ. So deep, I doubt the voids created will ever be refilled. We never see THIS math charted forward. Yet, the gap between those lines only widens. The Morning Call is either too naive for such analysis or complicit in squandering our tax dollars away. Probably both.

For the most part, the NIZ is a significant money LOSER.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

When do citizens in the rest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania get angry about all the outrageous spending?

Obama made a big deal about "transparency" back in 2008 ... is transparency no longer important to Democrats and Pennsylvanians, in general?

How is it that most of our esteemed local leaders here in Allentown, like School Board rock star Ce Ce Gerlach, never ever dare to question the NIZ's spending habits before complaining there is not enough money for things like art, music, etc.?

Valid questions, all of them, but I suppose it would be so much easier to blame everything on radical right wing extremists, as always.

michael molovinsky said...

redd@7:15, the original plans called for offices and apartments, with a few service uses, such as a restaurant or coffee shop. it was to be zoning change from current industrial to business and residential. now, to take advantage of the cigarette tax loophole, the developer wants to keep a current warehouse on site to accommodate a yet to be secured or described tobacco distributor. not only did the planning commission bobble head yes, they confirmed for the developer's sake that there would be no negative impact on the public by their silly question. the planning commission is actually a bigger puppet than city council, in that there are no discerning members.

anon 8:27, your questions are not so valid on this site. don't expect all your repetitive comments about left and right, or democrats and republicans, or especially obama, to necessarily appear here. i have no interest in those topics.

Anonymous said...

So, I can get permission to take over a large parcel of City land and it all depends on me obtaining a wholesale business that will spend millions of dollars but I don't have to tell you who the wholesale business is until I am ready? Seems legit... SMH

Alfonso Todd

Steven Ramos said...

As with the meter survey, the placement of the arena, the trash incinerator, the water lease, and even with minor items - the designation of tree's to be removed along 11th St - affected residents were not considered. Members of these boards should be elected by Ward to increase the likelihood that affected residents will have a representative that will consider their interests too.

Anonymous said...

The only incoming tax revenue that matters is revenue from NEW dollars. Dollars that weren't already being taxed inside Pennsylvania. We aren't seeing nearly enough of that. I'd love to read a discussion comparing estimates of brand new dollars versus the 100 million, or so, existing dollars that have been obligated for NIZ projects.

These aren't loans at all. Not even low interest loans. For the most part, the dollars being used have been taken away from their original, intended purpose. Pretty slick.

Fred Windish