May 29, 2015

Weekly Shooting Map In Allentown

Readers of molovinsky on allentown know that I normally don't publish a police blotter, preferring to concentrate on our white collar criminals. One can only wonder what effect a half dozen shootings, on the Gateway to Allentown, has on the Renaissance. While the administration touts another new restaurant in the NIZ, the residents of Allentown cower inside their apartments. Our police chief, recruited by national search consultants, except for defending his son, has been invisible and apparently ineffectual. Ed Pawlowski's campaign to become a senator has garnered no enthusiasm, perhaps he should concentrate on being a mayor.


DreamingOfJustice said...

Ed- a mayor?

Why start now?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the size of Allentown's police force can handle all the neighborhood activities going on these days. I don't know what the amount of officers per shift is right now, but I don't think that growth has kept the pace needed to deal with what appears to be a booming gang culture.

We hear stories from citizens that many lower level crime reports go unanswered. That can't be good as such behavior always blooms into a much bigger weed to eradicate. At some point, the city's focus needs to expand off Hamilton at Seventh.

Fred Windish

AuH20 said...

At least we'll have good gelato downtown.