May 19, 2015

Say Moo and Vote Pawlowski's PAC

Here in Reillytown, you don't even have to think to vote. Mayor For Life Pawlowski, unless he can get elected to something in Harrisburg or Washington, tells you who to vote for. The Morning Call gets you in the mood this morning by printing two stories glorifying the Renaissance. Women's merchant Sage is moving back to Allentown from the Promenade. They don't tell you that the owners are pushing 70, and looking to wind down their obligations. Second story is about more apartments coming to an old factory at 3th and Gordon. They don't tell you that the developer is cramming in 158 one room studios, which in reality are glorified motel rooms for single mothers and their children. Say moo, while Pawlowski milks your vote.


Dreaming of Justice said...

Honestly, I didn't get on here to comment on your opinion this morning. I came here solely to gape at that amazing still from "Family Guy".

Who would have known you watched?


michael molovinsky said...

justice@6:39, the image is from a commerical for family guy, although it may well be also in an episode. most of my tv to sleep watching is retro programs on me tv. i think it is a good image for this attempted pawlowski political grab

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Scott Armstrong!!!!

michael molovinsky said...

mentor@11:59, wednesday morning, and scotts still here.