May 18, 2015

Saving Allentown From Right Wing Extremists

One by one, the oversized slick cards from the Pawlowski Political Machine, Citizens for a Better Allentown, reached the voter's mailboxes. They were sent to all voters, regardless of party affiliation. Each card, separately promoting a candidate for Allentown School Board, also had Pawlowski's picture and message, "We are committed to Allentown's progress. Over the last few years we have achieved so much, safer communities, job creation, and community development. Working together we can continue moving Allentown forward." While Pawlowski tries to associate his chosen slate to J.B. Reilly's new buildings, those living in his Dreamtown know that the community is no safer. If he were more honest, he would have said, "We are committed to now completely dominating Allentown's politics."

The four cards were followed by a fifth, picturing and promoting all four candidates. While the card stated that they would restore fiscal responsibility, the two candidates running for re-election, Martinez and Thiel, grandstanded by voting to hire back 20% more teachers than budgeted for.

If those five mailings were not enough, the sixth was a scare and hit piece against some incumbents. 4 years ago, we were fooled into electing right-wing extremists to the Allentown School Board. Our school board needs true-blue Democrats. The card concludes by saying that our schools should never be used as a political tool... Unless Pawlowski is holding the screw driver.


Anonymous said...


One can only conclude Charlie Thiel was a one time "Right Wing Extremist" when he twice ran for office as a Republican. Now he is part of the team casting this disgraceful smear. One can draw their own conclusion on the integrity this politician.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

For those who actually pay school taxes from THEIR hard-earned income, my suggestion is to choose candidates who will be cautious and prudent in how they spend YOUR money.

Party affiliation and name-calling should not influence your selections.

But, it's Allentown, so. . . .

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

MM, you do know there was a drive by shooting on 6th and Turner Sunday morning and a person was shot in the leg... So much for safer.... SMH

Alfonso Todd

DreamingOfJustice said...

Laughable tactics.

But they will work.