May 1, 2015

Lehigh, County Of Hypocrisy

While The Wildlands Conservancy was working (they still are) to destroy the picturesque Wehr's Dam, supposedly to improve Jordan Creek water quality, the Lehigh County Authority was studying their option to dump treated sewage into that same creek. The Authority is under the gun by DEP to address sewage problems in the valley. One problem, as discussed previously on this blog, is that sewage overflows into Lehigh Parkway's Little Lehigh, during heavy storms. The other major problem is that Kline's Island Sewage Plant is at capacity. One horrendous option under study is spraying treated sewage sludge onto open land. All that is the known news, here's the hypocrisy. The Lehigh County Authority leased these facilities from Allentown knowing full well that these long standing problems had never been addressed. Lehigh County's Donny Cunningham induced Ocean Spray and other major waste water producers here, knowing full well that the county had a looming problem treating sewage. Kicking the can down the road is bad government, but when it ends up floating on raw sewage, it gets ugly.


Anonymous said...

Well, Cunningham is long gone, having run off to greener (and sewage-free) pastures.

The best part of the Call article on the subject is when the LCA blames the problem on all the development in western Lehigh County, as if they were mere bystanders.

Newsflash to LCA: You've enabled all that growth!

And some of the so-called "environmentalists" living in western Lehigh County and supporting fraud environmental groups like the Wildlands ought to be speaking out about why that group is doing nothing to publicize the growth/sewage problem and get it fixed.

Doing so would likely upset some major donors and might not bring in the grant money that needlessly removing a dam does, but it's far more important.

michael molovinsky said...

@2:16, the relationship between the Wildlands Conservancy and Nestle Corporation is a pip. Nestle poses as environmentally involved, sponsoring workshops at the conservancy, as they suck lehigh county's allentown water, to put it in plastic bottles and ship nationwide, as something special. the conservancy takes the contribution, and stays quiet, about both the water and sewage situation. the CEO of Nestle recently stated about water isn't a public right, rather a private commodity. the Wildlands Conservancy is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...


another edited out weekend again as the advertisment team locally flush the same toilet we do, the bigger bigger picture is still left out¿ With all this good news perpatrated I am wonderin if allentowns mayor will be trying to bottle the air sell off the patent rights before departure¿

That would not have happened if the beautiful ms Eicheinwalt were king and the mayor had a stelletto heel crown as would be in keeping with the situation¿

patent pending

South Whitehall 3rd District Guy said...

I wonder what Christine Tori "Dam Crusher" Morgan thinks of the idea to dump sewage into the Jordan... She probably doesnt have an opinion until her cronies tell her what to think and how to vote.