Apr 24, 2015

The Pawlowski Polka

Yesterday, we learned that Edwin Pawlowski intends to harvest his Polish background as a fundraising technique. His campaign has brought aboard a Polish-American organizer to promote him as their voice in the U.S. Senate. Pawlowski's activism in that community will be a surprise to local Polish Americans. Today, we learn from Easton's Sal Panto that Pawlowski has kept Allentown clean and safe; That will be news to people living in center city. Essentially, his campaign seems to be based on myths, instead of reality. Allentown, under his watch, did tear down a number of buildings and replace them with new buildings. If that replacement revitalized the city remains to be seen. Pawlowski's role in the NIZ is debatable. When telling the story across the state, he will have to be careful not to mention that all taxpayers, state-wide, are paying for things which they neither own or enjoy.


DreamingOfJustice said...

He's a little kielbasa, trying to fry with the big baloneys.

I'm going to send him some sauerkraut to try and make his story taste better.

Julian Kern said...

Has kept the streets clean and safe? Who is he trying to fool? All you have to do is drive around center city streets and you can see the truth.