Apr 28, 2015

Obama and The Urban Thug

A segment of this country, and Obama's White House, have been apologizing for the urban thug, riot after riot. After the riots in Ferguson, these apologists blamed the lack of diversity. Time after time, Obama's Justice Department indicted and investigated the police, resulting in a self-imposed restraint. Yesterday, as tension grew in Baltimore, this police restraint had consequences, Baltimore was torched and looted. This resulted not from a lack of justice or diversity in Baltimore, but from a political climate which wants to excuse every urban thug, as being oppressed and lacking in opportunity. Besides those excuses being delusional, they haven't diminished the looting in fifty years.


Anonymous said...

One tends to see exactly what one wants to see, and conservatives of course will focus on the bad while ignoring the appropriate and peaceful protests that have been taking place.


The election of a black president has brought out that famous conservative racism and they are hell bent on resurrecting the 'good old days' of the 60's.

Anonymous said...

Mm, with all the happenings, I personally am wondering when these illbehaviors incubated locally by the oppressed will be vandalizing Allentowns elites shrine downtown¿ Than there is the real possibility of the various stone facades falling and ripping away from the moisture ridden particle board this enormous weight is anchored too¿

Who and what entity will be liable in this future tort in the proceedings¿ This will not be the first such case and will not be the last of such an inferior building product application¿

patent pending

Anonymous said...

Color aside, I cant understand how individuals who claim to have so little go to such great lengths to destroy that what they have.

michael molovinsky said...

b mentor@7:54, identifying the faults of the obama administration exposes one to accusations of racism, whether malicious such as yours, or misdirected by apologists. at the end of the day the thugs have hurt their community, by destroying the businesses that were put there to serve them, after they destroyed them previously.

Anonymous said...

The "good old days of the sixties was when the Democratic Party was full of openly racist elected officials. The idea that today's conservatives are racist is nothing more than Big Lie propaganda.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

The last sentence by 7.54 AM is so ignorant. As a conservative, I couldn't care less if a Martian occupied the White House as long as they develop a consistent foreign policy and follow the Constitution for domestic issues. Most people are too involved trying to live their lives and eek out a living to hate one another. Its race baiting slugs like 7:54 AM who keep injecting the media with statements like his to stoke the fires put out years ago by all reasonable political spectrums.

doug_b said...

@anonymous 7:45 "conservatives of course will focus on the bad"

I don't see this as a political issue. Riots / burning cars / burning buildings / throwing rocks at police / looting. These actions are very destructive to all parties - especially the people living in the area of the riots.

To continue: "The election of a black president" Hold on there - he's only half black. He's just as white as he is black.

Nobody cares if Obama is black or white.

It's really unfortunate that our president has not been truthful. From the statement of "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" to the very misleading BLS statistics where Obama keeps repeating: "the unemployment rate is only 5.5%." When in actuality it's really about 15%. Same for the GDP, same for housing starts, same for the 49,000,000 he's hiding in the SNAP program, or the 9,000,000 he's hiding in SS disability. Then there is the $85,000,000,000 a month of QE (money printing), with the Fed holding interest rates near 0% - ZIPR policy. Need I add the $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) in student loan debt - that just keeps growing. Who is going to pay back our $17 trillion dollar national debt?

Our president conveniently side steps these issues.

None of this is good for our economy, and especially the folks on the bottom.

The 'protests' are really a great diversion. Let them focus on their 'rights' - all the while, what really matters is a healthy economy. Economic opportunities will propel these folks, and let them succeed on their own.

Anonymous said...

. . . and the effect of open borders bringing in millions of new low-skilled, potential job-seekers will assist Baltimore's resident unemployed people how?

Sad times in America.

Fred Windish

DreamingOfJustice said...

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has always been decried as a weak leader; this series of incidents shows that she is out of her skill-set and out of her league. Just as other mayors struggle to navigate any major disruption in their cities, the new vocabulary of rioting versus citizen activism has rocked society on it's heels. Street violence IS *the new voting*. In the 1960s, "riots were the language of the unheard" as Martin Luther King Jr. famously said. In the 21st century, African-Americans wield more political power, more economic power, and are more culturally influential than ever before. There is still oppression- of poverty, of crime, and urban schools are burdened by de facto segregation. What is being seen here is the result of chronic disenfranchisement and misdirected anger. Baltimore rode high in the William Donald Schaefer years (1971-1987) because the Mayor not only was charismatic, he was a visionary leader, a lifelong Baltimorean who knew his city and who grew up on the troubled West Side. Schaefer must be turning the dirt over his grave as he watches the steady deterioration of his beloved Charm City.

Anonymous said...

I never understood people who loot their own neighborhoods.

It is not like they traveled to the mayor's neighborhood.