Apr 29, 2015

An Inspection Of Hillary

Multiple sources report that independent Bernie Sanders will enter the presidential race this week. Supposedly, he will fortify his entrance by competing as a Democrat, and employing veteran political advisor Tad Devine to run his campaign. Although Sanders cannot wrestle the nomination away from the Clinton machine, if significantly engaged, he could submit her campaign to much needed scrutiny. With no primary opponent and a doting press, she has thus far enjoyed an undeserved cakewalk.


Anonymous said...

Scrutinizing Hillary isn't going to do any good unless the Republicans can find a solid candidate and get behind them. This current field of candidates looks like the short bus pulled up and made a drop off.

Anonymous said...

8:59 -


I'd take almost any of the Republican field over Hillary, and they'll all get far more scrutiny from the press(individually and collectively) than Hillary will.

There's a reason the press avoids asking her difficult questions. If Hillary can't handle an honest and inquiring press, how the hell is she going to lead the country?

Poorly, I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Republicans are stupid, greedy, and generally all that is evil in the world. This thinking justifies supporting the likes of people like Hilliary Clinton.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

American voters like the 'lesser of two evils' approach to voting, and while Hillary certainly has a ton of baggage, Cruz, Paul and the other republicans considering a run are completely crazy and most people prefer corrupt to crazy.

AuH20 said...

I will be fun watching Sanders pull Hilary ever further to the left. And if she resists it will alienate her with the lefties in the Democrat party. Either way it damages her.
Love it.

Anonymous said...

It will fun just listening to Bernie Sanders.Sounds like Larry David.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that historically, Allentown and Lehigh County have been Democratic strongholds since before the Civil War.

During the first Lincoln Administration, the predecessor to the Morning Call, the Allentown Democrat, was extremely critical of Lincon and did not support his efforts to subdue the Confederacy. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1862 was criticized as being a divicive wege between the Union and Confederacy and it supported negotiations between the north and south.

In the election of 1864, the voters of Allentown and Lehigh County showed a majority for George McClellan, and a negotiated end of the War.

Democrats here have been wrong on major decisions for over 150 years. this support for 0bama and Hillary Clinton is just a continuation of this misguidededness... just as the election of Ed Pawlowski....

Anonymous said...

"Most people prefer corrupt to crazy"

I don't prefer corrupt to anything.

Crazy can't help itself, or so say the doctors.

Corrupt is intentional.

PS - Thanks for openly acknowledging Hillary Clinton/Democrats is/are corrupt!