Mar 31, 2015

Suspicions and Aspersions

In the past when I've done a speculative post on two or more subjects, I strove for a cute title, like Bits and Pieces From The Rumor Mill. Those days are past me, this baby now gets the cheap diapers.

Rumor has it that when Pawlowski recruited yes woman Candida Afif to run for City Council, she hesitated because she enjoys much time out of state at a vocation home. Pawlowski assured her that she can continue her lifestyle, and cast votes by telephone. The telephone option has been used in the past by several members over the years,  but only for important votes.

I've written numerous posts about the plans for upscale apartments in downtown, and the realities of that market. I use a dated term, yuppies, for the target demographic. Shown above is Reilly's Plywood Plaza at 7th and Linden Street. I've been informed that the previously hyped P&P Mill Luxury Apartments at 3th and Linden, has turned to Section 8 to fill their vacancies.


DreamingOfJustice said...

A gleaming exterior can't make up for a weak foundation..

There are still miles of weakened brittle and ancient gas lines criss-crossing beneath all of the NIZ and the entire city that surrounds it.

I've never seen a city run like this one.

monkey momma said...

The East Village gas explosion made me wonder about Allentown's priority's, too. Although the mayor has said the issue keeps him "up at night," the reality is, millions of dollars are being plowed into retail and entertainment, all on the taxpayer dime. Meanwhile necessities, like gas supply and life itself, are ignored.

Allentown is hardly the only city in this predicament, but it is hosting the only NiZ. Misplaced priorities, indeed.

Anonymous said...

MM, cheap diapers sounds alot like cheap chips or the depot compairison to a lumberyard¿
Glitz and glam down with a power slam of the reality of the Brown Hole matter¿ The circus was unloading there trucks in front of the back entrance in the street cause the rig could not swing the parking venue¿

patent pending

Anonymous said...

What are all those expensive restaurants going to do when the Phantoms' season abruptly ends in about three weeks?

At least the police overtime bill will stop increasing at an alarming rate ... if only until next season.

Anonymous said...

What makes You think certain Council Members read legislation any way.You are saying our friends on City Council don't even show up for their salary

AuH20 said...

Yes, good old Secion 8 housing is just what's in store for the NIZ apartments. Why do you think Alan Jennings was onboard for this crony capitalism deal?

Anonymous said...

Usually when You check apartment guides or Craigs list owners state it up front if the apartments are section 8

michael molovinsky said...

@10:30, landlords are not required to accept section 8. sometimes a landlord will state that they do not accept section 8, in other instances, they will advertise that they do accept. often it's not mentioned. either way in allentown, callers very often ask.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy vs the Reality. -Alfonso Todd