Mar 5, 2015

Lehigh Valley's Winters Of Discontent

We are clearly in another winter of discontent. Some winters we have a lot of snow, some a lot of cold, this winter we seem to be having both. I clearly remember the winters of 1983 and 1994. As a property manager, I would drive the alleys of Allentown, between one sidewalk to clear, and another, in an never ending cycle. My station wagon, loaded with shovels, ice breakers and salt, would steer itself in the ice ruts, as if on a children's amusement ride at Dorney Park. Let's hope for a warmer tomorrow.

Center City Allentown 1983


Anonymous said...

Over time, the climate has changed. The continental shaves were once teeming forests. We have remnants of seacoasts in the central Carolinian.

Time passes. We're in a warm period between ice ages. The glaciers melt. they advance. Our earth is a dynamic, changing planet.

Personally, global warming sounds like a good deal for us.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing MAN-MADE about any of this. Warm, or cold!

(but some do talk about carbon taxes)

Fred Windish

doug_b said...

Virtually no snow here in Minnesota (land of 10,000 taxes).

However everyone is tired of the cold. We've had more than a month of days at 10 degrees, and nights of -10.

The one good thing about it - virtually no crime!

Anonymous said...

Thanx MM, the person of the last comment has a idea," vitually no crime!" that must be really fun and a enjoyable quality of life¿ There is not alot of thugs perpatrating to be public officials claiming that they are the cure when in reality they are the illness¿

patent pending