Mar 10, 2015

Facebook Madness

When I first joined Facebook a few years ago, I limited my friends to those people that I had worked with on community projects. I had about 60 friends, and I enjoyed the occasional visit to the site. Last year, when I decided to run for office, it seemed logical to expand my social networking. Although it's not my nature to ask for friends, I did accept most invitations that came my way. My network increased to about 250. Not only hadn't I worked with the additional 200 people, with some I had very little in common. Although I generally tolerate differences in belief, with Facebook its pretty much in your face. I have never been a big fan of the dogmatic placards people share on Facebook, not much originality there. I sparred with a few friends, especially over Israel. One guy actually cursed me. Yesterday, some guy put up a chart comparing ISIS with Right Wing Christians and the Tea Party. Now personally, I don't belong to a political party, but I know that even Tea Party members do not behead people. It's time to decrease my network.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, I get the analogy between these extremists and ISIS. It's just a question of degree.

Anonymous said...


It is often better not to know the political opinions of your friends. Facebook often puts such opinions on everyone's sleeves.
Unlike most people on social networks I keep my private life private. I use Facebook to post my political opinions and school board related commentary and links.
When "friends" disagree I try to write them off site and explain I don't like to discuss politics with friends and family. That usually works and we remain friends. It is tough however to see that hate and anger are omnipresent all over the net.

Scott Armstrong