Feb 25, 2015

The Sorry Streets Of Allentown

While Mayor Pawlowski boasts of one NIZ success after another, the quality of life for center city residents is dismal this winter. While merchants and property owners cleared their sidewalks, the city and Parking Authority has failed to provide cleared parking spaces, even on Hamilton Street. Quality of life must be for more than a few NIZ barons. In prior administrations, the parking lanes were cleared, curb to curb. Although losing the water department personnel and equipment may have complicated the effort to properly clear the snow and ice, there is no excuse for the state of Allentown's Streets.


monkey momma said...

This is very true. If you park at a meter in Allentown's downtown, even in the NIZ, you must climb over a snow mound to get from the car to the curb. I have also observed people climbing over snow mounds to get from the sidewalk to their bus. It was like this last winter, too.

michael molovinsky said...

@6:33, i think it's worse this year, in that the mounds are ice. a woman slipped and fell yesterday in parking space ice in the 900 block of hamilton.

DreamingOfJustice said...

It is so ridiculous, there are banks of hardened and iced over snow blocking the handicapped parking meters and spaces. It is tough enough to negotiate the icy patches and potholes..must we now park blocks away from our destination as well?

..never seen a city run the way this one is!

Anonymous said...

Convenience was a major reason why the shopping district on Hamilton Street eventually died.

Of course, the suburban mall parking lots aren't managed by the city. The Pawlowski Renaissance won't last long at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are subtly being convinced to use parking decks?

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Dreaming 9:27am
The City is not being run. It is being carefully managed for benefit of a few.
The rest of us old time & new residents, through out the remainder of the City, don't matter any more.
They have the N.I.Z. and a select few blocks in Center City!!
"The Old Allentown Curmudgeon" (PJF)

Anonymous said...

I'll bet JB's parking spot at Candida's bar will be shoveled out to the curb with a red carpet leading to the door!

michael molovinsky said...

@12:30, i believe that they already had that fund raiser. if JB attended, it would have been his first and last time there. i will say that the snow removal process seems equitable, the whole city looks terrible. the consequences of not doing curb to curb snow removal is more slip and fall hazard to the public, less spaces and more inconvenience for the residents, and less business for the merchants.

Anonymous said...

We would all think that the parking authority would want to keep allentowns garbage and oil spewing yellow monsters in opperable condition? The block of the mayors first profitable endevor upon his appointment to this Madoff Ponzie Scheem has not seen a streetsweeper before the first snow fall?

patent pending

Julian Kern said...

They are also giving out parking tickets if your parked in an all year round street cleaning route even if they don't clean the street or do snow removal. I don't understand it. Are they doing this just for the sake of giving people tickets?

Local said...

Many of the meters were failing during the very cold weather.
The APA has now come through several times writing writing tickets with a dump truck following behind doing nothing.