Jan 28, 2015

Pawlowski $Invests In Allentown School Board

Recently, a comment on this blog stated that both the Allentown City Council and Allentown School Board do Pawlowski's bidding. Although city council, with one full time exception, certainly stamps things for Pawlowski, the same cannot be said for the school board. For example, the board refused to give a proposal to remodel the Phoenix Mill into apartments the KOZ status pushed by the administration. Because school board candidates can cross register, there are several Republicans on the board, including two staunch conservatives. Mayor For Life has now established a PAC to financially support candidates with his vision. So far, the PAC is supporting Charlie Thiel and Elizabeth Martinez for re-election to the board. When this blogger interviewed Thiel last year, he indicated that he wouldn't hesitate to oppose Pawlowski for mayor. The PAC support doesn't bode well for that declared independence. Bi-lingual Martinez has been hired by dutchman Peter Schweyer, elected to represent Allentown's hispanics in the state house.


Dreaming of Justice said...

Laffen over the rim of my coffee cup..

Geez..every once in a while..a DUTCHIE shows some inclination towards diversity.
It must have been politically expedient.

Keep Dreaming!

michael molovinsky said...

dreaming, dutchman on this blog refers to a local caucasian person, whose family probably lived here for several generations. the new district was specifically created to reflect the new hispanic gain in population. although actual well qualified Puerto Ricans ran in the primary and general, the local democrats, including the hispanics, instead voted for the "dutchman."

Dreaming of Justice said...

Somehow..I dont think the Latinos turned out en mass to vote for this guy. I wonder how many votes it actually took for him to win his post? But hey..*he is doing the right thing*..even if it is disingenuous and transparently expedient.

BTW..lots of Englishers have deep roots here too. Back to coffee!

Julian Kern said...

Jeanette Eichenwald isn't running for reelection either. Unfortunate she isn't but can understand her frustration.