Jan 16, 2015

Pawlowski At Epicenter

Long before the NIZ, promoter and media consultant Alfonso Todd has been plying his trade from the upper floors of Hamilton Street. When I first met him he operated out of the former 1st National Bank building at 7th and Hamilton. At the time the former building was named Monument Center, and now is the site of National Penn, in Reilly's City Center 2. As Todd's promotions expanded, he moved to the current Hamilton Business Center, the large older office building at 11th and Hamilton. Todd and partners are now in the Somach Building, in still larger space, reflecting his determination to provide promotional services to the diverse market segments of the Lehigh Valley. Yesterday, as he kicked off yet another project, Mayor Pawlowski stopped by to wish the enterprise success. Although the mayor doesn't normally receive an abundance of praise on this page, his visit yesterday demonstrates that he understands that the future of Hamilton Street rests as much with the Alfonso Todd's of Allentown, as it does with the J.B. Reillys'.


Anonymous said...

I am honored and humbled by your observation. I stand on alot of shoulders, including yours, MM. But it is good to know my work is not going unnoticed. -Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Alfonso, congratulations and best of luck as you continue to move forward!

Thanks as well Mike for letting us know that the Mayor got over there. Good to see and know.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

More so with the Alfonso Todd's of Allentown pa as these are the types that the manna just didn't fall from the sky?

patent pending

Dreaming of Justice said...

Huzzah! Good work Alfonzo!

Keep Dreaming!

dr_deanz said...

Alfonso Todd III is one who embodies the quote, "Ever notice how 'lucky' hard working people are"?