Dec 22, 2014

The Corruption Of Pennsylvania

As of candidate for the 183rd State House seat, I spoke about the corruption and cronyism entrenched in our state government. A glaring example were two stories in last week's Morning Call. On Thursday, a report detailed the arrest of ten PennDOT officials from the Philadelphia area, who had skimmed $millions from the road budget. PennDOT and its director, Barry Schoch, indicated that the problem seemed to be limited to the one area, never mind it's the biggest area in the state. The Morning Call, never allowing news to get in the way of one of their special reports, the next day did a feature on the great job PennDOT and Schoch were doing. In that article local representative Michael Schlossberg praises the department and its director. Schlossberg, who represents Allentown, has never faced an opponent. His campaigning for the upcoming term consisted of taking donuts to the poll workers on election day. In Lehigh Valley, where six of eleven incumbents were unopposed, the voters have the state government they so richly deserve.


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember an article of Hanover ave ot meeting penndot specs and than all of a sudden, with nothing being redone it passed specs? Did the local domocratical advertiment circus pass the circus masters wand over the failing asphalt for a passing spec sheet to appear?

That new road does seem to have a rough ride?

patent pending

Anonymous said...


And yet people(teachers and staff of the district) routinely lecture and chastise the school board for the furloughs and tight budgets. They know who is full well responsible, themselves and their paid-off state elected officials,who kowtow to their special needs of maintaining the broken and unsustainable status quo.
Residents would be well served to attend school board meeting and see the charade. People! Your school taxes are scheduled to rise annually unless you take action. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

Scott Armstrong

Dreaming of Justice said...

The residents got the representations the Reps apparently richly deserved. But you know..nobody wanted to *waste their vote* on an Independent!

GOD FORBID A SINGLE VOTE SHOULD GO TO WASTE! There are pockets to be lined, coffers to be picked, bumpkins to be duped! Busy busy busy!

Anonymous said...

It is so difficult to vote out incumbents.The Mayor of Allentown recently supported an incumbent Republican State Senator over a Democratic challenger.So much for Party loyalty in Allentown.

michael molovinsky said...

@11:16, although i certainly agree with you about the difficulty of voting an incumbent out, as an independent i have no regard for party loyalty.

Julian Kern said...

Just about everyone who is a politician or in government is corrupt it seems.

Anonymous said...

Everyone expects someone else to do something about the issues in PA. It is never their fault, always someone else's.

While the school district waits for politicians to change the retirement plan, which they never will, they suck the taxpayers of Allentown dry every single year and blame the teachers.

Vapid rhetoric fly's back and forth with no real solution in sight.

Nothing changes, nothing changes.

It's not our fault, they say.