Dec 17, 2014

Merry Pawlowski

Last night, as I went to sleep concerned about the impropriety of The Morning Call featuring Pawlowski's picture on the city map, little did I know I would awake to another full page picture of the mayor on the cover of the Entertainment Section. It's time for me to get with the program. I wish you a Happy Pawlowski Day, and next month, when it's beginning to look a lot like Pawlowski, may you have a Merry Pawlowski and Happy Pawlowski Year!

reprinted from November 2008


Anonymous said...

Who and what circus is the mayor a stick for MM, that is behind the curtian of the bigtop?

patent pending

Julian Kern said...

Which article has the mayor pictured on a map?

michael molovinsky said...

julian@4:35, in 2008 the morning call inserted a map of allentown as a promotion with one of it's papers. the map contained a picture of pawlowski, which i thought was inappropriate and unnecessary.