Oct 27, 2014

Political Low Hanging Fruit

If it's kissing a baby or encouraging seniors to vote for them with absentee ballots, both our young and old are only props and pawns for the established political machine. Recently, I have been reporting on the machination at Luther Crest, where Ryan Mackenzie 134th, attempted to pass the baton to Julie Harhart 183rd, putting that facility in violation of it's 501C charter. If the residents of a premiere continuing care facility like Luther Crest are victimized and manipulated by incomplete voter information, despite explicit IRS rules pertaining to non-profit institutions, what shenanigans occur  at the lesser regarded nursing homes? Who protects the seniors from the very politicians who are supposed to represent them? In the ideal world, it would be the custodians of these nursing homes, who would make sure that the residents are given full information about their cherished voting options. In the real world, the managers of these nursing homes acquiesce to the influence of the career politicians. As I write this post, I am also filling out formal complaints about this one incident of election suppression which was visited upon Luther Crest by the hubris of the incumbents. Although there will be no remedy for the Luther Crest residents within the eight days until the election, perhaps my action will help some nursing home residents next year have full access to their voting options. Our elderly take their right to vote very seriously, so should their caretakers.

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