Oct 28, 2014

North Of Route 22

If you have a family member or friend who lives north of 22, south of the Blue Mountain, and between Slatington and Bath, chances are that they live in the 183rd District. Please do both of us a favor, and tell them to vote Molovinsky-Independent next Tuesday. There's no party members knocking on doors for me, but there's a real opportunity for some change in Harrisburg. The 10 term Republican incumbent only concentrates on getting re-elected.  The Democrat simply needs a job. The former will bring nothing new to the table, the latter  has nothing at all to bring to the table.  This blog is an archive on my community activism for many years, and my application for election. Please reach out to your friends and family on my behalf. We have the right stuff to be uniquely issue orientated and elect an independent to Harrisburg, instead of the usual partisan agendas. Thank you.

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