Oct 9, 2014

An Open Letter To Lehigh County Commissioners

Although the state mandates prisons, and no such mandate exists for nursing homes, I believe that a sacred covenant exists between the county and it's elderly, to maintain Cedarbrook. Northampton has a very old prison and a modern nursing home. Here in Lehigh County, we have a modern high rise prison and a very old nursing home. Prisoners in Lehigh County have nicer amenities than the patients at it's nursing home. What's wrong with that picture, what's wrong with those priorities?
UPDATE: I fully support County Executive Tom Muller's plan to renovate a wing of the Cedarbrook into private and semi-private rooms.  His analysis has the project paying for itself within three years, by attracting rehabilitation residents.  Instead of pursuing this viable turn around project, the Commissioners would rather explore the sale option.
photograph by K Mary Hess


Anonymous said...

On this issue, as on the Wehr's Dam debacle...You and I are in total agreement Michael. We have had several family members over the years, who have spent their final moments well taken care of at Cedar Brook....Both problems need to be rectified.....PJF

Anonymous said...

If there was an issue that required the counties working together, it's this one.

If there is reluctance to sell and get out of the business altogether, why couldn't the counties pool their resources into a "Lehigh Valley" home? Sell the existing structures, build a new, modern, competitive facility using funds from both counties.

Anonymous said...

The larger problem here is that the counties ever took on the responsibility of caring for the elderly. One might ask if they were the proper/best vehicle for this type of charity.
This being said the the existing problems need to be addressed. Any solution should incorporate a fair,compassionate and equitable remedy to extract the county from an obligation it is/was always ill suited to provide.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

scott, i think after 170 years, which all were profitable up to very recently, you need NOT ask that question.

i don't think that the county should be involved in open space, which is actually a windfall for the landed gentry. do you think that it really encourages farmers?

Anonymous said...


Somehow I am just a guy who likes to question things, sort of like that guy who is running as an independent.
The demographic change that is occurring in the country,aging population, spells real trouble for tax payer supported institutions such as these. Are elected officials/politicians the best agents to handle this change or will they treat it has they have with the pension? I think in light of these facts county run senior facilities need to be transitioned into private hands.Those who can't afford to pay their own way should be subsidized by the tax payers but for heaven sakes let the private sector manage the operations.

Scott Armstrong35