Sep 30, 2014

Allentown's Frankenstein Plan Abandoned

Allentown's Mayor Pawlowski has a new vision for Allentown; mixing our trash and sewage together to make energy. Yesterday's paper had a long article on the power brokering involved in this trash to energy proposal. A facility would be built next to the sewage plant on Kline's Island. Sewage sludge would be mixed with trash and burnt to produce electricity. This particular mixture and process has never been tried before, lucky Allentown. The principals in the project are counting on Governor Rendell's appointee's to approve a $32 million dollar bond for the project, on their way out the door, before year's end. What doesn't smell about this vision?

UPDATE: Allentown should be concentrating on upgrading the LCA sewage line along the Little Lehigh, which periodically spills raw sewage into our creek and water supply. Also periodically, the sewage plant must bypass raw sewage into the Lehigh River. It is inappropriate to be promoting a private for profit company, with unproven technology, instead of fixing long existing problems.

Reprinted from November 15, 2010

UPDATE September 30th, 2014:  Allentown's Pawlowski has apparently outgrown his need to capitulate to Delta Thermos hideous plan to mix sewage with trash and burn it to produce electricity.  At one point they were even going to allow Delta to import additional trash from New Jersey if we didn't have enough.  I don't know if they were also going to import additional sewage,  what a concept. Anyway, Pawlowski has graduated to bigger things now with the arena and NIZ. The city had spent one half million dollars of taxpayer money on studies justifying the plan. Congratulations to Rich Fegley and Dan Poresky for their perseverance in fighting this monstrous plan.


monkey momma said...

Thank god this got killed. Losing half a million on studies is disturbing, but we would have lost so much more if this plan had been followed.

Anonymous said...

God forbid the arena attendees smelled burning garbage, sewage or a hotdog vendor on a friday night.

michael molovinsky said...

anon@3:45, i don't think that was the reason that the city discontinued delta's option, but i suspect that there is a back story to that decision.

Anonymous said...

I am unfamiliar with the Delta plan but I do know that trash to energy is widely used in Europe.