Aug 6, 2014

Reefer Madness

Paul Carpenter has a column in today's Morning Call about how Pennsylvania absorbed the Casino revenues, without really providing property owners with meaningful tax relief. I made the same observation back in May, when I announced my candidacy for State Representative in the 183rd District. Not only didn't the casinos bring relief, neither did it's predecessor, the lottery. Neither will hydraulic fracking or even pot, when they legalize it. Pennsylvania's problem isn't lack of revenue, it's a lack of priorities and ethics. I don't know if marijuana will make you insane, but voting for the same candidates and parties, election after election, is nuts. Imagine a candidate who doesn't need a job, or isn't looking for a career. Imagine a candidate who is non-partisan, and informed on policy issues. Imagine a candidate who is outspoken, and willing to point out the fools and their folly that waste your taxes. Where ever you live in the Lehigh Valley, help me get to Harrisburg, to help all of us. I have installed a paypal button on the sidebar of this blog. A mailing address can be found on the About section of my campaign site, Mr. Molovinsky Goes To Harrisburg.


doug_b said...

Democrats / Republicans it's the same party: "The Ruling Party"

They play this good guy / bad guy game - but in the end it's the same result - kick the can down the road, borrow, stave off any real decisions.

If you haven't, Google 'The Fourth Turning'. We are in the midst of it!

Anonymous said...

Doug B. 313pm
Interesting you should mention the "Fourth Turning" I have been following William Straus and Neil Howe for a couple of decades now. Been a member of the "Forum" for a long time too.
These theories should be taught in every High School and University in the Land....."Fat Chance" with that one though HA!......PJF