Aug 18, 2014

Harhart's Tricks Of The Trade

Julie Harhart is not known for her legislating. One of her many recent mailings describes her last law; If she was more truthful, it would have mentioned that it was her only law, in her long twenty years in office. Although never legislating, she has never stopped campaigning, since being elected in 1995. Perhaps no one in the state house has handed out more certificates than her. She hands out certificates to any business that has survived despite her, and her inability to bring any economic relief to the district.


Dreaming of Justice said...

Telling It Like It Is.

Do we need a Representative who is good at shaking hands, handing out paper with fancy filigree lettering, and making appearances at any ribbon cutting opportunity?

Or do we deserve a representative who is a go-to-the-mat rep, who can and has the political will to get things done?

I think we know the answer, and it begins with a donation to the Campaign to elect Michael Molovinsky for State Representative.

Anonymous said...

If I were to vote for you what legislation would you introduce and pass?

michael molovinsky said...

@4:01, this post isn't about the number of laws introduced and passed, but her mission as a legislator. in her recent campaign literature, disguised as a Representative Newsletter, she refers to that law as her new law, instead of her only law. it's a misrepresentation. likewise, although he voted for a 50% increase in pension payments for life, she voted against a pay-raise for one year. her literature says she voted against the pay-raise, and omits the pension for life bonanza she bestowed upon herself.

passing a law can take years in partisan harrisburg. although she pledged in 1995 to limit herself to four terms, she is now running for her eleventh. i would limit myself to three terms. rather than be a rubber stamp for one party or another, every vote i cast would be the public's best interest.