Aug 15, 2014

Allentown's Monopoly Money

When I read about the new theme restaurants coming to downtown Allentown, I think about children playing with monopoly money. Of course in that case it was a board game purchased by their parents. In Allentown's case, it's a fantasyland financed by the taxpayer's of Pennsylvania. What would bring a long retired restauranteur like Saylor back to downtown Allentown, an offer he couldn't refuse. What would make a developer like J.B. Reilly finance and setup these larks, your tax-dollars. Needless to say, Saylor wouldn't invest a nickel of his own money, but neither is Reilly. Last year, before one door was open for business, $33million in state taxes were diverted to the debt service in Allentown's monopoly fanastyland.

The surrounding State Representatives, while smiling at political party picnics, approved this fanastyland, while bringing nothing back to their constituents. In the case of 183rd District, Julie Harhart hands out certificates to long standing businesses, that have survived, in spite of her apathy in Harrisburg. On August 1st, my name was officially added to the candidates for State Representative in the 183rd. This blog is both my campaign office and soap box. Regardless of where you live, if you think that Harrisburg is less than equitable and efficient, please consider a contribution to my campaign. Let change begin with opening some eyes and ears to how your taxes dollars are really spent.


Anonymous said...

With yet another edited out weekend upon us, you MM are one of the truth be told news outlets in the lehighvalley area? Than there is your running for an office?

There is no other story that tells it like it is in OZ? Wish you well as your story of running for office has still yet to be told?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

The well known troll George Schaller is your only comment?

michael molovinsky said...

Blog Mentor@7:03, don't sell yourself short, you're much, much more known as a troll than he is.

Anonymous said...

I continue to fail to understand how a luxury hotel will survive in Allentown. I keep asking why, who and how?

Short of attending events at THE ARENA and drinking eight dollar draft beers "al fresco" at the Hamilton Kitchen what are the attractions to downtown Allentown? There are only so many meals one can eat in a day.

Go for a walk? Two blocks to the north you can purchase crack and heroin. Two blocks to the West is the old or the more recent Allentown frequented by the folks who compose the true demographic of the city, me included. Not necessarily a tourist attraction.

To the East and South well there just is not a lot there. Who would feel safe gong for a late evening stroll anywhere downtown?

Perhaps the leaders of OZ always planned on redeveloping (re-birthing) the rest of the city for the chosen, according to the new order of things. Of course they would end up kicking out the very people who have paid the majority of taxes on which this whole fantasy is based. Just hit the delete button.

But then I guess it is for the greater good but who benefits from the greater good? PPL, LVHN, Reilly, Saylor who else?

Anonymous said...

I'm more confused. How does Mr. Saylor invest in a restaurant without his own money?

michael molovinsky said...

@10:46, reilly's city center development even hired a restaurant manager to coordinate all the different eateries he wants to bring to his disneyland. saylor retired 15 years ago from a successful west end restaurant. although he may be induced to spend a few hours and lend his good name, he's not going to invest his retirement funds.