Jul 1, 2014

Whose Your Worm In Harrisburg?

It doesn't matter where you live in the Lehigh Valley, or whether your representative is a Republican or Democrat, either way, you have a worm representing you. Yesterday, they passed a budget with no pension reform. Two bills, one from the house, the other from the senate, offered a path away from the state's biggest problem, the pension liability. Both bills would have honored the current pension with existing employees, but would have gone to a 401 type plan for all new hires. The Democrat excuse was that it did nothing to alleviate the liability for existing employees, estimated to be as high as $50billion, for their pension life. They instead favored issuing more bonds and again deferring the state's full contribution. The Republicans also ignored the bills, also pandering to the strong unions, especially the teachers. Corbett is not an attractive candidate this year, but credit him for standing behind pension reform. The Republicans in the General Assembly, both representatives and senators, had enough seats to pass pension reform, but chose not to. The union pandering Democrats never considered it. Whose your worm?


Anonymous said...

and yet we hear constantly how brave and hard working they are. Bull. These elected officials are again demonstrating why define payment pensions are a very bad idea, it allows expedient politicians to put off pension contributions as they are not "defined".

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

You are MM, an Independant that is neither party? As for years locally it has been a free for all no matter the party?

The pandering and the profiteers that are in officials seat are no better than the theif in the night? There is only one difference these elected officials do it in there official capacity?

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