Jul 11, 2014

Radio Free Molovinsky

Yesterday was a difficult day with the broadcasting equipment. Although the usual channels are still out, the blog is back up with emergency equipment.

Yesterday, Bernie O'Hare and I were guests on Alan Jennings' Lehigh Valley Discourse radio program. Next week the program will be available for download from WDIF.

The list of supporters to save the Wehr Dam continues to grow. Various scientific and environmental types have come forward to support preserving this icon. Mary Ann Bungerz, creator of the Covered Bridge Tour and other promotions as Director of the County's Visitor's Bureau, has come forward to support the dam. The first pavilion at Covered Bridge is named after her devotion to the park.

Although I tried to rent Bungerz Pavilion for next week's Save The Dam picnic, that pavilion was already booked for the summer. Please join us in Pavilion 2 next Saturday, July 19th, between noon and 2:00pm.

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