Jul 23, 2014

A State Of Apathy

Nobody thinks that Pennsylvania is doing very well. Because of that discontent, Tom Corbett may become the first one term governor in many years. Despite the reality of the state's paralysis under both parties, as of today, including myself, there are only three unaffiliated state house candidates throughout entire Pennsylvania. Although people know that they must think outside the box if progress is ever to occur, old patterns are hard to change. Please take a small step today, and help me challenge the status quo.


Dreaming of Justice said...

I know the sneery saying, "We deserve
the leaders we vote for", but our children do not.

Think independently. Vote using your brain, not your knee jerk reflexes.

doug_b said...

It's my opinion that the current state of affairs - both state and federal is caused by massive corruption.

The non-action / upside down laws enacted / maintained by our elected represenatives (they are NOT leaders) is purposeful.

They rule by favoritism and extortion.