May 12, 2014

Citizen Molovinsky's Candidacy

I kicked off my candidacy with a Meet and Greet at Darla's Ice Cream Parlor in Slatington on Friday evening. Although the young man shown above could not sign my ballot petition, his father did. Among those stopping by to meet me were none other than Marc Grammes, another candidate hoping to represent the 183rd District. Marc challenges incumbent Julie Harhart next Tuesday in the Republican primary. Harhart, using a playbook tactic, has chosen to ignore Grammes, and declined a League of Women Voters debate. Harhart will find my candidacy more complex. I don't own a copy of the playbook, nor do I want to. I will be everywhere throughout the district, offering the voters a new concept, putting their interests ahead of those of any political party.
photocredit: K Mary Hess


Anonymous said...

Thank you MM,
This for your outstanding efort. The truth of the matter is any politician of today can and will be bought? This takes any chance of the American Dream for most and ripps it from the very hart of Americans today, this being a great part of what is happening all over the country?

My young son was asking about the military this past weekend? This is because he is allready seeing at a young age there is truely no justice in this very system that has been broke for some time now?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

Why I sometimes support Molovinsky:

Guy Williams said...

redd, many of us also believe that what you say is true with the slant that our system is far from the pure system. The system has always been like this not just broke for some time now. Its just that the social media has dissected and brought to light some of our inbreed flaws and hipocracies. That said I love my country unconditionally for their is no better or flawless system on this earth. Had the same media situation existed at our founding we would not have the monuments today of Jefferson,Washington or Lincoln. No more heroes like Babe ruth, M mantle or joe DiMaggio as well.