Apr 13, 2014

Pawlowski's CaddyShack

Spinning as hard as they could, neither Pawlowski or city spokesman Mike Moore could make the golf course restaurant debacle sound credible. Emily Opilo, The Morning Call reporter, clearly pointed out that Pawlowski's recent chosen tenant, the Noti family, had either paid late, or not at all. Pawlowski had chased out a good paying tenant, the Fegley Brewpub,  to supposedly  increase the annual rent by 10k. He will now ask 10k less than even the Fegley's were paying, for a third tenant in three years. Truth is, he has used that golf course restaurant as a political plum and football since taking office. In 2009, he gave a responsible tenant the boot to accommodate the Fegleys. Although they did a excellent job, in time they too lost favor with the mayor-for-life, and got the boot. Right now you can get a hot dog and a pretzel stick from a temporary vendor.


Anonymous said...

The conseshinairs will not let him and his court jesters peddle there pen and pencil fexableflyer carnival wagon around? This falling under his pay to play grant giveback intitlement issues that have been in the home rule charter clause in a subsection not written on paper for the sunshine act to veiw?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

"They've paid us $ 35,000. That's $ 35,000 out of $ 45,000 ... that's pretty good," says MAYOR ED PAWLOWSKI in The Morning Call.

"They (Noti) gave us a deal on the equipment. It gives us a better business case for the next person coming in ... We got $ 35,000 out of $ 45,000. It seemed to be a good business deal for us. In fact, it didn't seem to be, it is a good deal for us," says MAYOR ED PAWLOWSKI in The Morning Call.

Three Relevant & Valid Questions
# 1 - Is Mayor Pawlowski now using the famous "COMMON CORE MATH STANDARDS" to calculate his politically correct answers for the lapdog Lame Stream Media?

# 2 - Exactly how much cash in the form of campaign contributions has Mayor Pawlowski received in the past from people connected with Noti Enterprises?

# 3 - When is the first exciting minor league ice hockey game at the luxurious $ 177.1 million dollar Palace of Sport?


Private Citizen, City With No (Spending?) Limits

michael molovinsky said...

rolf@10:40, morning call reporter opilo wasn't buying any of the administration's spin, she wrote a telling article.

Anonymous said...

Emily Opilo has a long and well documented track record --- and it is NOT very good, if only in my opinion.

If Emily Opilo had any real hard-hitting journalistic skills she wanted to impress me with --- she would have already answered my relevant and valid question with respect to how much money Mayor Pawlowski has ever received from Noti Enterprises in the form of campaign contributions.

There is absolute no way that I am the only Citizen/Sucker/Slob who wants to know the correct answer to THAT revealing question.

Surely, Mr. Molovinsky, you can not completely disagree with a statement that contends, "The Morning Call has miles to go before it can comfortably sleep without the 'lapdog Lame Stream Media' moniker, if not several others even far more unflattering."

Most respectfully, as always


michael molovinsky said...

@12:00pm: emily opilo impressed me with this report, and other articles in the past. she is not obligated to answer your questions, but you're just as entitled to research campaign contributions as she is.
she did a lot inquiry to get the current rent actually paid ledger on the golf course concession.

Dreaming of Justice said...

I have been looking for FT employment for the greater part of two years. Maybe I can beg for a job at the new restaurant, once it is opened?


Anonymous said...

Why would The Morning Call print a negative story about Mayor Pawloski on the front page of their weekend paper???

I thought they were merely cheerleaders for the mayor and his initiatives...?


Rich Fegley said...

The article shows how the City and the Mayor try to cover up their blunders.

The golf course manager and the Mayor decided to raise the rent and fines for opening late.

Of all the restauranteurs that attended the required RFP meeting, not one of them applied for the RFP.

Mr. Noti came later when the City brought him into the picture.

Someone had to run the food and beverage at the golf course. Mayor Pawlowski got Mr. Noti to sign the lease.

I told everyone that any restauranteur would have a hard time being profitable at the Allentown golf course.

I'm not surprised he failed.

I'm impressed that he got out as easily and cheaply as he did.

The Mayor and the City Administration made bad decisions in this case.

What about all of the other decisions the Mayor and his Administration have made?

The Mayor and City Council are going to spend $5 million of water lease money because they said it was "extra cash" that the LCA paid Allentown. City Council told me that this is "extra" money that LCA overpaid us.

WTF? I don't think many people realize that we were supposed to get $4.5 million annually for 50-years. Now we only get $500,000 annually. That is a $200 million loss. No one seems to care.

THAT IS WHY THE LCA PAID $220 million, because the DID NOT agree to pay $4.5 million annually for 50-years.

We got f***ed and if you don't agree, you don't know what they did.

We got f***ed.

Anonymous said...

He should spend another 4 million on consulting fees if he can't lease the golf course restaurant.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if that $10,000. was out of pawLOWski's own pocket if he would say it was a good deal. Sure, its easy when your losing someone else's money to feel good about it.