Apr 14, 2014

Passover Libel

German Nobel Literature Laureate and former SS officer Gunter Grass, has been banned from Israel, not that he wants to go there anyway. In a new poem published last week , he wrote "the nuclear power Israel is endangering an already fragile world peace." Israel and world Jewry no longer suffer this sort of distortion well. "The Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz." The sentence is attributed to Israeli psychoanalyst Zvi Rex. He believes that Germans are filled with pathological guilt and shame about the Holocaust, and turn Israel " into a punching bag to purge their guilt complexes. " Grass believes that Israel is a threat to Iran, and Germany could be a “supplier to a crime” in connection with it's decision to supply Israel with a sixth Super Dolphin-class submarine. Emmanuel Nahshon, deputy chief of mission for the Israeli Embassy in Germany, said, “what must be said is that it belongs to the European tradition to accuse the Jews of ritual murder before the Passover celebration.”

reprinted from April 2012

UPDATE: Yesterday's Kansas City attack against Jewish institutions show how much anti-semitism is alive and kicking in United States. While Israel's enemies are known and confronted by a strong national defense, American Jews will depend upon municipal police forces for protection. Although the municipalities will cooperate for the next several weeks, American Jewish liberal attitudes toward gun control will contribute to their vulnerability.

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