Mar 3, 2014

Behind The Curtain of Blogging

Recently, a fellow blogger frustrated by the lack of comments submitted to his blog, complained that two blogs seem to dominate the valley. I believe that he was referring to Bernie O'Hare's Lehigh Valley Ramblings, and yours truly. The complaining blogger posts anonymously, on a wide range of topics, assuming that the public should find something interesting about his opinions. The information being transmitted over the airwaves is limitless, and highly competitive. Bernie works the local political scene half the day, and every night; He is a fixture at Northampton County meetings. Although I'm much more reclusive than O'Hare, last week I sat down with a party chairman, a school superintendent, a county judge and a state representative. Please don't get the impression that these distinguished people invited me to lunch, on the contrary. In each case I ambushed them in a public place, and left before they could summon security. In addition to gonzo journalism, I use this blog to publicize causes in which I'm involved, such as the WPA, and preserving the traditional park system. Nobody cares about my opinion on the Oscar nominees, nor should they.


Anonymous said...

And lest anyone forget, today is the first day of revenue-generation season in Allentown, otherwise known as street-cleaning season.

It will be interesting to see how the usual aggressiveness of the parking authority fares against he reality of the weather.

Will common sense or municipal greed prevail?

michael molovinsky said...

@5:34, excellent off topic question. i did a post on this very subject years ago. i'll see if the molovinsky on allentown archivists can find the photo of the parking authority officer giving tickets between the snow piles. in a recent conservation with the current parking authority director, she indicated that the authority is now using discretion in such weather conditions. we'll see what reports come in from the field.

Chris Casey said...

On Topic... people have the right to read and comment on what they choose. I don't worry about it anymore. I get emails from a small group of regular readers, who wish to ignore and avoid the great Blog troll. I don't see it as a popularity contest, I see it more as an opportunity to be heard, even if by only a few ears.