Feb 14, 2014

Pep Rally at Reillyville

Sometimes the news is more absurd than this distractor could ever fabricate, such was the case Wednesday afternoon. Two hundred invited guests packed into Symphony Hall to the Reilly Institute, to hear a lecture on the future of center city, or I should say City Center. An urbanist author explained how there is a national trend back to living in cities. Although I haven't written a book, nor have I stayed at a Holiday Inn, I know Allentown. Reilly can make them work downtown, but he won't be able to make them live there. There is no reason to live there. You can reach center city from anywhere in the suburbs in ten minutes. Allentown is 20 years away from creating any culture that could compensate for the crime and grime. That will take much more than five new buildings.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those attending have put their suburban homes up for sale to move into Pawlowski's paradise?

All any of those visiting had to do was to take a wrong turn off the main drags and onto the rutted, stagecoach trails that pass for roads in most of Allentown these days.

With roads like this, those living in the City have truly earned the moniker of "urban pioneer".

Anonymous said...

We must never forget the total amount of taxpayer dollars being spent to create this district. That figure might never be recouped. But, hey, live for today. Everything looks good now, when we need it to look good!

Anonymous said...

I read that article and saw the picture and it's a bunch of smug hot gas bag hypocrites.

Reilly and Topper live out in the wealthy suburbs. They are making money off the city to take back to the allegedly dying suburbs.

I see Becky Bradley from LVPC in the picture. She lives out in farm country, nowhere near any city. She rants and raves about buses and how we all should live in cities with the exception of her of course.

Joyce Marin and 3/4 of the Renew board don't live in a city. Every night they go home to their acre lot.

Everybody who says the suburb is dying LIVES IN THEM and apparently enjoys doing so.

So what's the problem other than to sell some books?

Anonymous said...

Re-urbanization is not in the cards for the millions of Americans who fled the cities in the last couple of decades. We left to escape liberalism and don't want any more of it. Hence the objections to CostcoWorld in Lower Macungie. We didn't build the 'bypass'in order to attract daily thousands more cars and trucks. Let the new urbanists move into the cities. Then watch them flee when it's time to raise their kids and send them to inner city schools.661844