Jan 9, 2014

The Movies of N. 8th Street

Two movie theaters were on the unit block of N. 8th Street, separated by one building. The Earle was demolished in 1961 to create another Park & Shop lot. The other theater, the Cinema, ceased operation in 1953, becoming a warehouse for the Farr shoe chain. The theater was built in 1917 as The Strand, but changed ownership and name in 1930. The lobby portion of the former Strand/Cinema still stands today, now being used as a tax service business. In the late 1970's, I operated a photographic darkroom business in part of the space.

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David Z said...

Next store was the BEST pizza in Atown...Hi-Fi Pizza Pie! Years later when the new owners moved to 7th street, it still was great. One day I wanted to take my wife there for the BEST pizza in Atown and they had closed for good two weeks before. Oh would I love to have a slice again. Bring this back downtown when all the business move in and it will trump standard pizzeria pizza.