Nov 29, 2013

Lehigh Valley News and Commentary

The Lehigh Valley International Airport, which has just completed a $multi-million dollar remodeling of the terminal, will increase fees to the remaining airlines by 11%. Although the airport management has succeeded in reducing the number of carriers from eight to four, one of which drives it's passengers to Newark on a bus, it's feared that one or two of them may continue service. If all had gone as planned, within a year or so, the airport would have transitioned to the Lehigh Valley Bus Terminal. Elsewhere in the news, Pennsylvania will extend the meaningless comment period to Allentown's trash/sewage to energy project. Although the project has already been approved, and construction permits have been issued, the environmentalists were allowed to question the project after the fact, and may now continue to do so.

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Anonymous said...

Allentowns Administration is a one way plane going backwards, never forward because of the small group that profits.