Nov 2, 2013

Lehigh County's Opportunity

When Matt Croslis endorsed Scott Ott on Thursday, the politics of old cried pay to play. Muller's henchmen, and their sycophants in the blogosphere, even rumored and fabricated details of the payment. Croslis has now vetoed the very amendments that Ott and the reform commissioners passed at the budget hearing. The IT budget, the same sex health benefits, the crime center, and the tipster budget, are all back. Truth be told, the old establishment which Muller represents, cannot understand independent thinking. In their world, if you're not touting the establishment line, you must be receiving some payoff. It's refreshing to see new people, like Croslis and Ott, assert independence. It's nice to know that the voters on Tuesday have the opportunity to rid themselves of business as usual.


Anonymous said...


Is it your opinion or are you writing rumors that Muller can't understand forward thinkng?

The silent majority are going to vote and they want to know what you think, because we are on the fence. If it is a rumor, than I want to know if it is credible - sources ... but if it is your opinion than I understand.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:31, it's a shame, that one as clever as you think you are, is reduced to hiding their identity. nobody is on the fence at this point in time, and between the clear choice this election presents.

David C. Najarian said...

When Don Cunningham appointed his number 2 campaign spokesman as Chief Public Defender, none of these same people crying cronyism and deals said boo. That appointee served several years before leaving without taking a single case on behalf of the office. Im not saying that appointment or the others were right but today, we have a rumor of a deal, just that, a rumor, and the same people who did not say anything then, now scream and cry foul. The vacancy isn't even open yet. The election has yet to occur too! Yes it's about the challenge to the status quo, they fear. The boat needs some rocking methinks. -nlv

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to vote Ott. I don't trust Muller but cutting Meals on Wheels as Scott Ott wants to do is really too much for me.
So I'm a voter who is actually on the fence.

michael molovinsky said...

@11:25, former volunteer to meals on wheels scott ott's statements on that organization were misrepresented to smear him, what a surprise. they had a substantial surplus last year, and ott questioned whether they really needed another grant this year.