Sep 30, 2013

Ted Kohuth Next Police Chief

The new police chief will be Ted Kohuth. This coming Thursday, October 3, the public can meet the four finalists, but why isn't clear to me. If Pawlowski didn't care for your opinion about the water you drink, or the air you breath, why would he care who you prefer for police chief? Kohuth is well qualified and was a good choice.


Anonymous said...

Well it' s about time something positive happened here. I have known Ted for years, and he is the best choice. Extremely well qualified, with intimate first hand knowledge of our problems. Thank You Michael! This pleases both my wife and I, and many of our Allentown neighbors and friends will be happy too.....PJF

michael molovinsky said...

pjf @11:22, i must clarify that this is a prediction. hope i don't hurt the man with my endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I am sorry that I misread the meaning of your posting.
Who knows my comment just might put a positive spin on the outcome....PJF

Anonymous said...

Ted would be a good choice. Of the other three, none are local.

Will be interesting to see the spin on the other three at the town meeting. Some buzz the New York guy would be a strong person to bring change to the cozy life in the APD. The other two don't have either local experience or strong backgrounds.