Sep 10, 2013

Pawlowski's Sendoff

I wasn't motivated to to attend Pawlowski's sendoff yesterday, but find the local news reports interesting. Apparently, Mike Fleck had his entire stable of candidates  there, and one by one they mouthed platitudes, but some didn't look that enthusiastic in the photos. In this bizarre era of partisan politics, Allentown holds it's own in that department. As Pawlowski launches his trial balloon for governor in the rented RV, one wouldn't know that he's also running for mayor. The calculus for that contest seems to be that it can be won blindfolded, with one arm behind his back. The Republicans didn't tender an opponent, and the independent is running an abbreviated campaign. Shown in the photo is Cynthia Mota, up and coming  City Council member, also managed by Fleck.

photocredit:Harry Fisher/The Morning Call/September 9,2013


Anonymous said...

I think Miss Mota has a very bright future

michael molovinsky said...

@5:56, as a hispanic woman inclined toward the party line, i think her future is bright here. Although i haven't seen her yet assert herself at council, she's articulate, commanding, and has a politician's sense of compromise.

Anonymous said...

You like to compromise all sorts of shit.

Perhaps YOU should be a Democrat.

You damn well know you already act enough like one, anyway ...

Why is compromise so special?

The Compromise of 1820 brought what? That's right! The Compromoise of 1840.

What did the Compromise of 1840 bring? That's right! ... The Civil War!!!

Have a great day figuring out what constituency to suck up to next, dude.


michael molovinsky said...

@9:01, i have no need to suck up to anyone, or any constituency. i do have a need to present an insightful analysis, if this blog is to retain it's audience. with hispanics being 50%+ of the population, eventually their influence will catch up with their population. i believe that mota has the skill set to position herself for that eventuality.

except as a vehicle for me to expand on the political future of hispanics in allentown, your comment would not have appeared.

Anonymous said...

The Call wrote it like a press release, and the pic of the lady holding a Pawlowski sign while wearing a Phantoms hat was particularly amusing.

Other than that it was impartial reporting.

I do wonder why Panto is on this bus. He has to know Pawlowski isn't going anywhere? Why would he do this?

The Banker

michael molovinsky said...

banker@9:42, i know that one of the endorsers is no particular fan of pawlowski's. i credited the show to fleck and partisanship.

Anonymous said...

"The contrasts to his rousing, traffic-slowing stop in Allentown were apparent from the start in Harrisburg. Arriving a few minutes early for his 1:45 p.m. news conference in the Capitol Rotunda, Pawlowski sat by himself quietly on a marble bench. His audience, besides media members, could be counted on two hands." The FANTASY and the REALITY.... PEOPLE, just because an individual is not FOR Pawlowski doesn't mean we are anti-progress or anti-Allentown improvement. Propaganda is a helluva drug. SMH

And by the way, I was there and there were NOT 200 people around him and most were construction workers that were told to take a break and hold a sign.

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

"i know that one of the endorsers is no particular fan of pawlowski's. i credited the show to fleck and partisanship."

For all of the endorsers-and you will see this in other parts of the state-it is considered to be polite to endorse your local candidate and then jump ship when the local candidate becomes completely insolvent. I wouldn't expect ANY local D to endorse anybody other than Pawlowski. Hell, Cunningham can't stand the guy, but he sucked it up and endorsed him.

Anonymous said...

This reader doesn't share your confidence in Mota's "skill set".

michael molovinsky said...

@2:26, although i didn't have much of an impression of her from attending some council meetings, my one on one experience was much different. understand that i said she has the skill set to be a successful politician, that doesn't mean that either you or I will agree with her point of view or decisions.

AuH20 said...

Speaking of Mr. Fleck, I notice that the former Republican now Demo Tom Muller is now in the hands of this unsavory political consultant. I hope he knows what he's in for.

michael molovinsky said...

auh20@8:02, unsavory seems harsh. i only met mr. fleck once, don't know him or much about him; ;but, i do know he must be good at promoting candidates, or he would not have such a large client base.