Sep 23, 2013

Donovan's Chances Come November

This November, Allentown voters will be choosing between incumbent Ed Pawlowski and Michael Donovan, running as an independent. A month ago, with Pawlowski being able to use the arena as a giant photo opportunity, I would have considered running against him a fool's errand. Since that time, it has been revealed that Pawlowski is simultaneously running for Governor, giving Donovan an unexpected issue with which to challenge Pawlowski. Also, there is an organized constituency disenchanted with Pawlowski over the sale of the water system, and permitting the trash to energy plant. These factors certainly add up to a starting point for Donovan. When it comes to campaign funds Donovan will be at a distinct disadvantage. When it comes to media balance, that remains to be seen.

photograph from The Morning Call


Anonymous said...

Those disenchanted about the water sale or clean air issue had better do a better job helping Donovan than they did with the alternate slate of council candidates.

Anonymous said...

Those issues are not going to swing many votes. The voter goes with core beliefs like party affiliation, taxes, and services.

Sewer leases and obscure technical trash plant concerns don't make a turning point in local elections.

Mike has one small issue that can generate interest with the mayor running for two offices at once. An issue, but not enough to offset name recognition, funding, and party registration.

The odds are the mayor will win in the city race and not win the gov primary.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski never loses, ever, as his track record clearly shows.

In my profession, he is what is known as a absolute "lock".

All are encouraged to invest accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Yes and this is also due to the edited out media outlets in the area¿

Anonymous said...



Exactly how many people in the City Without (Spending?) Limits can be expected to vote against Santa Claus and his transformative NIZ?

Do I even need to think about how much (or how little) money Donovan has in his war chest?

Pleasant day to you, Mr. Molovinsky, all the same.


Rich Fegley said...

"Pawlowski never loses" - ARNOLD ROTHSTEIN

What are Pawlowski's "wins"?

Senator Pat Browne created and passed the NIZ and Reilly brought the cash to downtown.

Allentown leased its water and sewer systems for 50-years. Our trash and sludge will be burned in an incinerator for the next 35-years at a non-negotiable, increasing cost of 2.2% per year.

This means Allentown now has NO CONTROL over water, sewer and trash costs. We have made long term deals with third-parties that the elected officials and we the Citizens have no jurisdiction over. We "gave" our control away. Mayor Pawlowski made these decisions for us. Were these really "good" decisions?


Pawlowski now claims that we have a FULLY FUNDED pension plan. Is this true?

Pawlowski claims that he has brought 4,000 jobs to Allentown. Is this true?

Let's just start with these two questions.

Where are the "wins"?